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I have included 2 versions below, one in Black and white, and the other (v2) in colour as shown above. Print at 100% on A4

Any corrections, comments etc. let me know.

Until Next time...



  • Dr Who - Lazarus Experiment - LazLab Guest List v2.pdf
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  • Dr Who - Lazarus Experiment - LazLab Guest List.pdf
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  • LazLab Guest List Preview.png
    LazLab Guest List Preview.png
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atmosA4.jpg atmos5_1.jpg atmos4.jpg
An original sign created for the production of the series four Doctor Who outing The Sontaran Stratagem which marked the new series return of the Sontarans, These ATMOS (Atmospheric Omission System) company fire escape signs can be seen on walls around the facility. A4 in size.


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Thanks for the pictures of the original props. I noticed the fire escape sign has an error, the line "Remain calm andnever use a lift", as you can see they left a space out in the line.
So simple and yet so noticeable, except to the graphic department.


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Peter, excellent props, and thanks for these. clap.png clap.png

I know you had to make the fire escape sign like the original, but the error is driving me seeing it. Oh, well, it has to be that way, it is canon.


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Here we go. My first paper prop.

The Doctor's Valet slip from "End of the World"



Printing 'em out at about 1" worked well for me. Just print > Flip > Print the other side.

Don't forget to hole punch the numbered end.

Hope somebody gets some use out of it. :cool:thumbsup

Sorry for the necroposting - does anyone have the files for this? The ones embedded in the post are broken :(


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I'm making alot of DrWho prop blueprints & I'd appreciate any additional info on the prop, to help whoever would like to use these to build there own props.

My first one is unfinished, I still need info on a few items to this prop.

"THE MIND OF EVIL" or otherwise known as the Keller Machine.

Keller Machine.jpg

The Master's Laser Gun

Laser Gun Measurements.jpg

Nyssa's Ion Bonder

Nyssa's Ion Bonder messure.jpg

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