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An idea I had for a motorized Dalek gun using a motor similar to a steam engine piston.
The motor doesn't stop until it reaches the reset point with a leaf spring switch.
If you want a single shot than a full auto, add another leaf spring & toggle switch to select back to the full auto.


Celeste Conway

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Not Exactly A Paper Prop But This Sorta Fits Here, The Earth Examiner Badge From Power of the Daleks, might look good on a Troughton Costume.


  • Vulcan Examiner Badge.jpg
    Vulcan Examiner Badge.jpg
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I made a quick drawing of the Resolution Dalek Gunstick from the Doctor Who episode "Resolution".
My best guess on what it looks like. The gun has only 4 ribs on the gun barrel, according to the screencaps. A finger guard that looks like a coat hanger hook, various beveled inner pipes, a blue indicator light & a 3 button like hand grip. Theirs a mushroom shape trigger button under the trigger guard... Ah.. Did I leave anything out?

If anyone can find more info on this prop, blueprints, details I missed or pics of the actual prop, let me know by ether commenting or upload your info to Tardisbuilders Resolution Dalek Gunstick Info

I plan on making one, or two. :D

Resolution Dalek Gunstick copy.jpg


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I recently made a few more diagrams or blueprints.
Face Of Evil Destruct Button
Face Of Evil Destruct Button.jpg
Bessie Remote control from Daemons
Betsy Remote.jpg
The Horns of the Nimon Staff weapon

Nimond Staf Weapon.jpg
And the Warriors Of The Deep Heat Ray Gun

Warriors Of The Deep Heat Ray Gun.jpg
Let me know if it's missing any details or measurement corrections, I'd appreciate it. I like to make my props as close & accurate as possible. :cool:

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