Doctor Who K-9 foam build. STARTING OVER!!!...


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Well I found I had a few hours to myself today and as I can not do anymore to my Proton Pack until the post office decide to deliver some packages, I went ahead and started building something I have always wanted.
K-9 from Doctor Who.
This is what I have so far, it took me 6 and half hours. I would of continued but my kids are home from school and now they say need food!, man kids these days huh!. LOL just kidding.

Anyway let me know what you think.

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Re: Doctor Who K-9 foam build.

Pretty neat. Looks like a little kid tripped while carrying to much stuff in the background of the first pic.
Re: Doctor Who K-9 foam build.

LOL thats just one of my little girls doll's, as for the mess that was my 2 year old playing with wooden puzzles all days.
Re: Doctor Who K-9 foam build.

Just like my Ironman costume and Cyberman costume it is made from foam floor mats.
You get 4 2ft by 2ft squares of foam floor for $10 at walmart.
check out the link in my sig to see my ironman build.
Re: Doctor Who K-9 foam build.

Awesome...this is sooo cool. Love K-9.

Did you plans or templates to get the size and shapes ?
Re: Doctor Who K-9 foam build.

Awesome job! Your seams are perfect! I always though K-9 would be a cool thing to put on top of an R/C car...
Re: Doctor Who K-9 foam build.

Thanks guys.
I found some size charts online and a template for the head.
I will be putting a cheap RC car inside.
Re: Doctor Who K-9 foam build.

This is pretty cool! I just met K-9 with Tennant the other night (I'm only going to do Doctors 9 and up) but this is amazing. With every post here I'm beginning to see some awesome things. Why didn't I get into this sooner?
Re: Doctor Who K-9 foam build.

I am re-visiting my K-9 build. I started it a while ago but then moved on to different things. I have decided to finish this now. But when I looked at what I had so far I realized how much my building skills had grown and so I decided to start from the very beginning again. Here is what I have built so far.
The ears are made from a metal strainer, golf tees, pins with round heads, wire and yup foam.


Been doing some more work on K9 over the past week, not much, been really busy with the start of the summer holidays.. here is what I have so far.
I couldn't find the right tubing for the neck so I had to use a flexible piece of down pipe (for gutters). I painted it black and have inserted a wooden rod through it to help it keep the curve. The rod will be screwed into the wooden base.
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