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I was thinking where best and how to post this so decided on this section (no infractions please :lol)

I wanted to make sure that all UK member's of the RPF could get involved in the UK prop Party somehow, Ive had many PMs from member's wanting to come but not able to display anything.

While i would love to invite you all it's simply not possible however please come along and enjoy the event, pop along to see us and say hello.

Memorabilia is picking up again after years of being a mediocre event and the new owner's are introducing new and exciting stuff each year, we are really excited to be a part of it.

So how can you get in involved !! well that's easy, we need some voluteers to come along to our display area and have one of our very talented Sculpter's, Fettster, make your face up Zombie style using gelatine Prosthetic appliancies.
You must turn up clean shaven, washed and be prepared to sit on a stage in front of lots of people, be videoed for the face book blog and then walk around the show having loads of people stop you for photos.

oh and practice your Zombie walk too :lol
to add on what Simon has said.

the prosthetic pieces are very kindly being donated by Nimba Creations and to reward their generosity, it is only fair that the make up gets some good exposure so if you would like to participate, you must understand that you will be required to wear the make up for a decent amount of time and "tour the circuit".
This means you must be comfortable with people coming up to you, staring at you and asking for your photo.

Please do not underestimate how overwhelming this can be.

If there is time and enough prosthetics, i could possibly do 2 at a time so you have a "buddy" to walk around with.

We also have to remember that there will be small children about who you could mentally damage for life so you will have to have a little common sense on the day..

finally , it would be cool if those who wish to participate could "zombie up" a shirt to wear whilst in make up to finish the effect.
I recently had some Nimba stuff on for my work Halloween party and it went down a storm. I can only imagine how awesome it'll be if Fettster is painting it!

Hi all,

I have been rummaging around in the workshop and have found some silicone wound prosthetics too and am dusting off a couple of my own moulds to pull an avatar/thundercats brow and nose and a werewolf.
This sounds a great idea
Sorry I wont have time to take part.
It would be good to shake hands with fettster.
I admire your talent

Just do the test make up last night, my, willing volunteer had a full on beard as it was just a brow piece so clean shaven isnt necessary although it would be preferred as it will maximise our character options
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