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Hey guys,
I'll keep this short and sweet i'm working on a Halo prop and i need to do some custom decals/stencil work. the only problem i have is that the designs are somewhat intricate so i was look for ideas. Images attached. I'm not hugely experienced at this as im a 2d texture artist usually, real world stuff is foreign to me. Any help is much appreciated.

should be noted that the white on the eagle logo won't be there in rl and nor will the black on the UNSC lettering...

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I used to work at a bike shop where we also did vinyl graphics. Any place like that could print up what you want as a sticker, or if you're wanting it painted they can make a sticker of the opposite of what you want and you can use it as a stencil.

If you go the stencil route see if they can cut it out of something with a low tack to it, like frisket film.
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