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So happy together...


As for the way to attach the Thompson stocks - there is an actual piece of hardware that exists to modify a normal Thompson to accept the stock, but even that would need to be modified in order to attach to the shroud.

EDIT: You're also going to want to refine all of your front-ends with the word "KeyMod", which is the mount style or system that's used on the sides of the shroud / rail system. That opposed to rails (picatinny, which is the top and bottom) or M LOK (the better version of keymod, not found on the rifle that I can tell)

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Yessir! I finally caved and bought one. Just finished it's initial cleaning before that picture, and hitting the range tonight to put a couple hundred rounds through it, see how it fairs. Truthfully though, that 5" barrel is amazing for sighting and far from cumbersome; I'm expecting to love this one.

May eventually try to mold it and pull a couple screen accurate replicas for an Essex House load-out. If I do, I'll be sure to show progress pics here!


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If you have access to your own 3d printer and want the STL file for the dial and chips. PM me your email address and ill send it to you.
Otherwise if you don't. I will be getting my friend Jodocast who did the files for me to upload them onto shape-ways soon. Where you can get it printed in various different medias and shipped to you.
Please let me know once you put the on shapeway, I’d definitely like to get these. These piece looks amazing, awesome job.


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Don't know if he is going to put it up on shape ways as the upload has changed or so he said something along those lines. But i can send you the file and I'm sure you capable of finding somebody nearby that can print it.