Costume Research/Development: Morgan Elsbeth's Magistrate Guard/Militia (The Mandalorian S2)


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though I have been not that hyped by the Mandalorian as others I fell in love with one particular costume in episode 13 The Jedi:

The Scout Guard/Magistrate Guard of Morgan Elsbeth (Magistrate of Calodan on Planet corvus)

I loved them because they also reminded me on the Harkonnen Soldiers from Dune.
Once the Parts of Star Wars released their first findings (The base mask, the knee pads and the base gun)
I realised this might be doable and I got motivated to investigate.
It is a comparably simple costume but still with its challenges and its own mysteries.

Last week I think I found some more parts and orderd the first items to make it happen.
I wonder if there are more people interested in this particular costume and its research and also have ideas regarding
the missing "found" parts as well as the crafted parts? There are still some Question Marks left.

It is the first time I get the chance to develop something from almost zero knowledge coming from outside scources
(except the ones cited earlier).
So I am very excited despite the fact that this character might not be as famous as others in the spotlight
(which they were definitely not in that dark setting :D).
Also I have not spotted any FB groups or WIP-threads for these, so I hope you enjoy it and chime in to help me
or do your own actually :).

So what do we have so far?!


schematics in the works


Mask Base: Identified

As presented by Parts of Star Wars two weeks ago
"AVON PC50 Twin Port Respirator" (similar but not identical to the cheaper M50 mask)
I advise to chose either the tinted glasses or something hiding the face regardless the attached visor - no glasses however
prevent fogging ;)!

Major difference to the M50 (and why that one disqualifies) is the distinct sharp edges at the cheeks, the snout part
as well as the rims with threads inwards lining the two ports at the sides as well as the missing neck seal at the front.

This is damn expensive as a single item and to get it imported so I would be very thankful
if someone can hint me to a place where I could find a second hand one.


Hose: Identified sort of

These are probably the standard hoses we find everywhere and usually are of russian origin or other former eastern bloc powers.
In that case the mask attachment flange got stripped off and somehow attached/squeesze to the snout piece of the mask and
the rear end stuffed into the "gas maks bag" (maybe fixed with filter?!).
However it might also be another type of similar hoses from other gas masks and other countries.
I personally think though these are real sleek rubber ones and not the those with texture or rubberised fabric which we find a lot
these days. About 36mm diamter and 500mm length.
The russian hoses seem to feature the correct ribbing opposed to the more tight ribbing of the M50 hoses
of the US gasmask for example.


Faux Twin Attachment/The Tube: Identified sort of

Though my first impression was LED flash light I also tried biker grips because I did not find a similar lamp until today:
While it is almost spot on this particular model has some inaccuracies though.
Might be due to casting issues but we also know however that such products are sold in variants
sometimes slightly altered sometimes just with another brand etc... .

Only the gip part has been used as either reference for a 3D master or as subject to casting
and a random rubber/plastic tube attached on the (left) side (where the head has been cut off/left out).


Visor: Unknown
Not much to say yet. It has a distinct shape and it is not clear weathere the details in the cheek area are belonging to the
object or had been added.
So far I have looked for welding stuff but as the vision slits have been cut I am not too sure about it.
The vision ports do vary with some being larger in height than others. Might be a stunt hero thing as well.

Maybe it is a crafted item solely for this purpose as well.

Note the indention in the cheek frameing the "bolt" and "strap" where they are fixed in the cheek area.
In the nose area there seem to be two indentions (like nostrils) as well.
Most scenes give away the ghost shape of the part underneath the hood.


Hood: Unknown

Might be custom made or scuba/rain/sm equipment. Material seems to be faux leather or some sort of sleek neoprene.


Gasmask Bag (right side): Identified

Seeing the turned edges at the flap of course everyone is convinced it must be british. However the details tell different.
I had a hard time to find it because there are so many military haversacks/bags and except those british noone came close.
The tricky details had been the loops at the top of the flap and sides.
Nevertheless I think I have found them and most of the "dutch haversacks" (knapzak/ransel) do feature the exact details.
Important to note is that not all of the durch haversacks have them and I do not know the exact model description or years.
1950 around is a good orientation as I have seen a stamp dating to '53 in one auction.
Of course the bag derived from the british M37 pattern but with the slight modifications. So a M37 could be updatedby i.e.
canibalizing other vintage equipment or webbing to add the loops.

I learned that if you order from one of the army stores in the netherlands you might get near mint or mint ones,
sometimes not with the older brass/metal coloured buckles but blackened ones!
Also mine actually lack the second loop on the sides with the buckle to use with the webbing. Sheesh.
So maybe check that prior to purchase and or better choose ebay with actual pictures of the item.


Leather Ammo Pouch (1st left side): Identified

Next to the gas mask hose the easiest item to find and can be obtained on every corner of the internet:
The "Italian ammo pouch" is available as twin and single box - we would need the single one.
So far i have not found any model or specific year but I guess they are world war two era items.


Twin Ammo Pouch (2nd left side): Identified

First I thought it might be a US military vintage item due to the very characteristic button system and the round flaps.
Therfore I looked for military pouches in the same way like I looked for the haversack using a general query
in the search engine.
However I would have instantly found it looking into Amazon to find the
"Rothco 2-Pocket Heavy Weight Canvas Ammo Pouch"

Unless these derive from an original military design (and then please tell me ;)) the prop department did a good job
making them look used as far as the pictures let assume.


Knee protectors: Identified

As presented by Parts of Star Wars about two weeks ago as well
The guards use a knee protector shape which seems to be very prominent these days when looking for gardneing/working
knee pads in marketplace platforms.
These however distinguish in one detail that is not that common as the very striking platic shell itself - the additional velcro
attachment above the knee protector itself!
And this combination seems to be more scarce again - I could not fuind a supplier in in germany and did not really invested
much time to try scourcing these somewhere else (I may have tried aliexpress :D) and ordered on Amazon US as suggested
by Parts of Star Wars.

Colour is interesting - actually I think they left them black to go with the boots (though heavily weathered and dusty) but on
various screens they appear almost golden (probably due to the lighting, reflections and tone corrections).

Btw - they're huge! Out of curiosity and because I fear with 176cm being maybe a tad too small for this costume with these
enormous and clunky knne protectors I tried to look up info about the extras:

Rey-Phillip Santos Height 5' 7" (1,7 m)




Gloves: Identified

I found them fast and as it seems around the same time as Parts of Star Wars as they released it to the public not long after
my post on a certain FB group which I first thought to be connected to POSW but is actually not.
"Mad Grip F50 Thunderdome Impact Black/Black" are the correct ones.
Unfortunately I only got some in my size in grey/black and also another item I had to import form the US event hough you would
not expect it with such an item :(.


Belt: Unknown

Bright tan or medium green (webbing?) belt with what seems to be outward folded/rimmed edged top and bottom.
Features a loop or something at the rear.

Quite difficult to tell as clear shots are scarce and lighting/blending fools you everywhere.
Using editing software I was able to restore some of the lighting in some shots but only to a certain degree and to match
actual colors is quite difficult.
I am hoping for the illustrated guide to Mandalorian Season 1/2 in june or BTS material to settle this problem.


Sash/Belt/Cummerbund: Unknown

A kind of geen or grey scrim fabric. The same material seems to be used for Lang's (chief of Elsbeth's guard)
more pronounced red cummerbund.
The sash of the guards seems to close at the back (probably with velcro).


Belt Buckle: Unknown

Fabricated from greebles/found parts (?).
Detailed shots are scarce but it allows for replication to some extend. some shots allow for speculation of the existence
of hero and stunt buckles due to some appearing less detailed. Might be illusive as well.


Overall: Unknown

At least I think it is an overall judging of the follwoing screenshot (note the elongated flap at the crotch) probably olive drab
or some sort of NATO oliv/green. We do not see much of the consistency of the fabric or a lot regarding the cut except for the
cuffs and a snap button on the raised collar.

Edit 01|20|21: In the meantime I have ordered US army mechanical coveralls and though the feeling is there - maybe they
have used army pants and sort of a field blouse or army jacket underneath with the "jerkin" and "dusters" being one unit
as the second layer. I wish there was some more and better material


Boots: Identified

Though this was tough regarding the references I got from the screnshots. Regardless I am quite sure these are
"Joe Rocket Meteor FX Biker Boots"

and his men are using the same boots btw!
Note the distinct ribbing and top shape and flap at the inside of the boot as well as threading.
Pedal patch on the top of the tip is clearly visible.
I start with the most obvious reference/comparison (the sole and inner zipper(?) flap) and then show some more shots
that at least let assume those are very likely the boots I have found.
The next best spots to look at are the spaces of the ribbing (front and aft) as well as the tiny but very suspicious detail
at the top shaft of the back with the piping forming an elypse so you have a reinforced grip there slipping your feet in.
Unsure about if or how they treated the punched logos.

Next to the flash light the least object I expected to find event hough once I had them I wondered how it could take
that long as they are even listed on Amazon :unsure:.





Schematics in the works

Again presented by Parts of Star Wars the follwoing parts of the gun have been identified:

BAR M1918 A2 (Airsoft Version!) -> butt stock, (part of) receiver group, trigger group as well as the magazine
Barrel and gas cylinder (if used) shortened and heavily modified

Piston arm Revel visible V8 Engine model (Part 65)

Redfield Traditional 3x-9x rile scope

Parts like the bipod hinge and tube bracket as well as the barrel details in the middle section (ribbed) remind me of FN models
which I think seem to have derived from the BAR.

I am currently trying to crank out a sort of blueprint with the information and screenshots I got so I have not attached any
pictures here yet.

Rifle Sling: Identified

I am pretty sure from the screencaps they used a russian/eastern Mosin Nagant/AK47 sling variant
with leather loops and leather patches.
There are a few more means of attachment that finally connect to the gun's own sling swivels.
Quite redundant like attcahing adaptors until it fits (see screenshot):


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I am currently working on the 1:1 scale visualisation of the gun to have a better understanding and
to work with some 3D capable people to get this done.

Trying reverse-engineering the A350 Blaster is not that easy due to obscured screenshots and fractals brightening these up.

According to "The Parts of Star Wars" the Blaster is using the BAR M1918 A2 (Softair Version from S&T or AY (?)) as one base for the blaster.
Some additional parts have been identified or at least published as well by them:

- Redfield Traditional 3x-9x. 1 Scope
- the piston part of the Revell visible engine

The following vital parts still not revealed are:

- the forward grip/receiver part
- the scope mount
- the (unfoldable) handle or bipod sort of thing (uses an FN model like bipod mount opposed to an orginal BAR)
- The barrels/tubes especially in the recever area with milled details

Regarding the very distinctive forward receiver part that has been stuck on the BAR base receiver I have only found one very very rare gun model that seems to feature the distinct stamped pattern at the rear end of the receiver.

That would be the Armaguerra OG-43


It is said there is only one or few example(s) left in the world so if they used it as reference it probably woould not be a cast copy of the real deal. Also the details are only a 90% match in some areas if you ask me - most noticable the stamped parts of course.
The scale of the original OG-43 is not known to me (there are sizes of the successor the OG-44 which is different in shape)
unlike the BAR where I had the actual length (I used the airsoft reference 1200mm) to guess the scale in the drawing.
The stamped details differ slightly and it has been stripped off a lot of other details.

My first attempt on schemes with the OG in the back:


click to expand

As you can see the stamped parts are not an exact match but the major composition of the parts seems to be just right.
The lower stamped details are shorter in the prop version and the junction of the lower L shape with the upper L shape is less pronounced and more smooth.
The triangle shape for the hinge is is slightly different or appears different maybe because the bolt mount is not off center.
We also see that all the stuff around the trigger guard assembly and how it is breaking a straight and clear line in the OG is not present in the actual prop where we do see much more streamlined shape.

So either they used it just as inspiration and developed the addons it in a CAD software or there is another gun out there be it fictional (airsoft/toy gun sort of) or an actual gun.
I have not found any other gun featuring theses shapes yet. I am no real gun expert though. It might be something completely different as well.

Seeing how they did not use the original box magazine of the BAR but its features with extending it forward I think this gun might have been a CAD-built and 3D printed product. At least partially but maybe someone has more information about the production or from internal scources and may at least drop an innocous remark ;).

The awkward handle fixed at the hinge is a riddle as it is almost always covered with by the gloves of the guards.
It seems to serve no purpose similar to the "folding stocks" of the e11 etc. other than serving as a funny hand guard.

So will continue but of course any ideas welcome on the missing parts
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So I cannot get my hands on a PC50 mask because of ITAR. even if I would get someone in the US to send it to me - it probably would not pass customs.

I got a CE50 from the UK though which is in essence the same mask just with the military cap sporting a water supply.
Imagine that I cannot get the "civil services" version but the military version?! How ridicolous is that?

Now the question is - is anyone else building the costume/owning the mask who can detach the cap and make a copy/cast of it and send it to me?


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Does anyone have a source for the Dutch haversack? Everyone seems to be out of stock :/

Also really wish there was a lower cost option for the Avon PC50...I admit I spend too much on Star Wars stuff...but this might be the part holding me back from building this. Maybe a group buy-in/casting should be arranged??
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