Deadpool 2:Cable

I can't seem to find the lighters in store anymore. Haven't really looked hard but they seem to be gone. I have a couple for myself but they're a different colour.

As for the prop maker who did Cable's rifle, his name is Ken Palkow. I doubt he's got any lighters around as he was purging his shop a few months back due to a move.
Yeah Kenney kcpstudio was posting regularly in this thread a couple years back and it was great. He was having fun watching us try to figure out everything. If I remember right he toyed with us on these lighters and the Fenix light. I think he even gave away some Deadpool memorabilia to the member that figured it out. Good times
Dammmmnn drewthecostumer

- The pants are 99.99% made by production for the film. Through around 2 decades of buying various combat uniforms and 2 years of pretty heavy searching for that exact pant, it has a few details that scream custom. 1.75"-2" belt loops to fit Cobra buckle and angled cargo pockets (both mostly post 2005), front covered button-closed-pockets (more Vietnam era), lack of reinforced knee fabric (more like WW1ish old-school), and a really modern crotch-stitching (like 2010-2015). I intend to one day make a pattern and just go nuts. I'll figure out a way to share that when I do (but that may be a 2021 or 2022 project)

If anyone else has input, please share! I'd love to see this thread come back to life, as I still have to work on my costume and props; this thread has been a huge inspiration to keep me crafting!!

I also did a lot of searching and couldn't find an exact match for the pants.

The closest I could find style wise were these: Surplus Vintage Fatigues Trousers Olive Still on the site but not in stock and no idea when or if they may get more in. The belt loops fit the belt, the pocket flaps are pretty good and the overall style is in theme. The side pockets not being angled is about the only real major mismatch but I can live with that. The pocket ties pictured came in handy, I had a seamstress take these off and reposition them on the side with buckles so they match the style from the movie.

I always love having a cosplay with pockets, very practical at a con!
Just a little bump. I went to my local dollar store and they had the lighters in stock. I'd be happy to pick some up for people willing to pay ($3 for each lighter plus shipping). I'll also have to drain and gut them to make them safe for shipping, but nothing that would affect how they look.
Does anyone know of a store that still stocks the original boots? I just went looking to replace my first pair and have discovered that Bates have updated the model and it has a slightly different appearance and no side zip, which I really loved. Have tried searching the usual locations but everyone seems to have the new model :(
I've been working on a foam and plastic version of the BFG. This is after PlastiDip and a base coat of satin black paint. Going to be doing some dry brushing and still need to paint the stock. It's light enough I can attach it to the vest with magnets.
Looking stellar! I would shorten the barrels a bit like below pic . Other than that it looks fantastic.

After lugging one around with a real stock , 3d printed shrouds, and pvc launchers I made a foam BFG as well a couple years back.
Attached it with magnets in the back on the plate carrier. I made the magnets the silver circles on the body of the vector. Worked well and was easy to take off and click back on.
I will dig up some pics later

Great build!
Thank you! I noticed the barrels after I painted it, I made some adjustments and didn't shorten the barrels when I was putting them together. I'll have to wait to fix it up till after Wondercon, still have to make the Arm, etc.
Looking good DariusOctavian !
What did you do to support the rails? Looks like you have a solid support under the outer foam .
Post up some progress or final once you get it completed.

I found a couple photos of mine (before plastidip and weathering) attached with magnets to the back of the chest rig for the jailbreak kit, and a couple of the arm. From the final battle.



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Thanks! The handguards are vacuum-formed ABS. I attached them to some vinyl tubes that were left over from plastic shelving units. I also put fiberglass tent frame rods inside the foam to stiffen it up. Your costume looks amazing.
Found some finished pics
All foam- except the 3d printed dial pad and dial.
Had some foam dowels that were all the right size for the launchers, barels and flashlight
It’s not perfectly straight but close enough and it’s so lightweight.
I made it where it breaks down for travel. the stock and scope attach with magnets , and the barels come off as well
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