Interest DaveP's Obi Static Parts Run 2022 (Interest Thread)


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I'm in for a weathering comission when you are ready to offer them.
It's occurred to me that I might need to figure out a timescale/price for commissions before the run goes ahead. To avoid people having their un-weathered parts shipped out , only to have to pay to ship them back and forth... I'll give it some serious thought and see if there's a way of working it out.

I'm hoping to be able to take a partial upfront payment for this run as a deposit, rather than the whole price for the parts upfront. I'll have more details on this after pricing is finalised. Obviously additional commissions do complicate things a little though, as I'd like to avoid a situation where I'm holding on to a lot of people's parts for a long period of time, and I'd need the parts to be fully payed up around the time that they've been received by me (or shortly after)... I think at the very least, I'll need to limit the number of commissions this time around, and then take on more as and when I'm free again.

Hope that makes sense?
Please add me to the interest list. Thanks!
Please add me in the list for a fully built and weathered if you offer them :)
Im interested
Thanks so much guys... And apologies for the delayed response! I've been even busier than usual this past week, as a few commissions were completed and had to be packaged up/sent out, whilst continuing with the remaining ones. Getting through them though, and I expect to be finished in the next couple of weeks! (y)

I've updated the list now anyway. (y)

Thanks again and all the best,


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