Dark Mechanicus Onager - a quick scratch build


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Just a quick project this one, but one that turned out a lot better than i'd hoped:





I have to admit, i'm very pleased with my rust effect this time.It's just stippled paint, building up from black to grey to brown to orangey red. It was built as a wargaming model, but i'm quite happy with it as a display piece in its own right. I think it makes quite a nice post-apocalypse piece.

It's a bit of a composite - the shell is scratch built from plasticard and plastic rod, but the legs are built from a games workshop defiler kit I had lying around.


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Thanks chaps; still surprised with how well this one came out. I think i'll build a second, along with some other odd war machines if I get time. Next time i'll do a step-by-step as well.


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Nice bug. I'd definitely put one on my desk

Thanks mate!

As i'm building a couple of others for my army, I thought i'd share the buld process this time, including the paint job (when I get round to it).

You'll need (beside the usual model making tools and glues):
Plasticard - 0.75 to 1mm thick
balsa wood
a chaos defiler, or similar spidery kit.

Start off by cutting 8 2cm wide, 15cm long strips from the plasticard:

Next, but a "core" from balsa plank to glue the strips to:

Glue the strips to the core, overlaying the next over the last to form a lobster armour effect. It'll help if you have a vice to hold them in place while they're drying:


Next, once the glue has dried, trim the ends flush and sand:

More to come!

In the meantime, this is the model in natural light:



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