D23 Announcement: The Neverending Story remake in 2024?

Knowing these geniuses, here's the lineup if they do decide to ruin make this movie:

Jaden Smith as Bastion Bux

D' Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai as Atreyu

Jimmy Smitts as Barney Bux, Bastion's Father

Megan Thee Stallion as Falkor

Emillia Clarke as The Childlike Empress

Dwayne Johnson as the Rockbiter ("if ya' smeeeeellllllll...what the Rockbiter...is cookin!")

Paul Reubens as Engywook the Scientist

Kim Kardashian as Urgl the Healer

Finn Wolfhard as Bully #1

Mckenna Grace as Bully #2

Peter Dinklage as Teeny Weeny, the Messenger

Shia LeBeouf as Carl Coreander, the Bookseller

Sylvester Stallone as Cairon, servant of the Childlike Empress

Soundtrack by Rob Zombie, Jack White, Jack Black and Kanye West
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If Limahl isn't singing the Theme tune I'm out...

Actually I've never seen it but do know there's a Flying white dawg from the pop video.
You are aware the Falcor was a LUCK DRAGON, not a flying dog, correct? Yes, he had the face and ears of a dog. But, he was a wingless dragon. Much to the liking of a Chinese dragon
If Limahl isn't singing the Theme tune I'm out...
To “modernize” the movie with a contemporary spin, I wildly speculate that a new theme song will be composed via a collaboration between Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Thee Stallion.

The title of the new theme song:
Say My ******* Name, Bastian

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My wife loves this movie, even if we both joke endlessly about the whole "Say my name!" business that is finally answered … with a completely unintelligible reply (yes, I know he supposedly calls her "Moon Child" -- I think I preferred not knowing what he said). As a whole, the movie never did much for me. Falkor looks like a creation one step above something from a Rankin-Bass TV special -- I always expect him to roll his eyes around like the Bumble did -- and the production design and production values recall mid-'80s Doctor Who, to the point I was shocked to learn they spent $60 million on the production. And the fact the first thing the kid wants to do when he brings Falkor into the real world is harass the bullies who had harassed him always rubbed me wrong. "Yay! Now I'm the bully!"


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