Custom 1/4 scale Sideshow Han


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Hey gang...

Wanted to show off my mods to Sideshow's quarter scale Han. I've been chomping at the bit since this was first announced, and knew in my heart that I'd have to mod him. You'll see why. It's been an obsession since I first saw the film... satisfied about a year ago here on the board, and now realized once again. I know I've damaged the "mint" condition of thepiece, but in my mind, he's WAY cooler, and EXACTLY what I wanted.

I also repainted his hair, and "trimmed" his Brooke Shields eyebrows...

Lemme know what you think...



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Very, very nice. I own this piece, too. I'm half-tempted to mail it to you and ask you for the same treatment. :)


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The only thing I would change on mine is how the arms are positioned (which is horrible because they're just floating there) and I'd paint some chest hair.


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Wow, what an improvement.

I was not a fan of this figure due to the likeness but yours looks outstanding, great job.



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Originally posted by natty15d@Feb 6 2006, 03:37 PM
definetly worth doing :)

Thats how it should have looked in the first place


I agree.

Great job.



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I have never been a Han Solo fan, much less a Rebel fan, but his pretty good work. The towl and gloves REALLY make the statue look MORE like Harrison Ford.

Excellent work.

Vaderdarth, I hope you will do the same, and show us your revamped Sideshow Vader when you are done. Vader is my fave. :love I sure hope SS does a ESB version of Vader. Now that is my favorite version.



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You did such a good job on this, that i didn't know what i was looking for.
I searched for pics of the "original" & then saw the changes.
MUCH,MUCH better.

Usually, the changes are obviously "changes'
yours are more like "improvements" or "corrections"
If you get my meaning.
good job.


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hehe for those of us that dart on and off the board a lot, could anyone post a pic of what the original piece looked like please??


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GREAT work Ron.
It looks SO much better.
It's a real shame that the sculpt itself isn't a better likeness (particularly from the profile) but you've made it look really excellent.
I can't look at mine any longer. Off to the Junkyard it goes.



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Congratulations, an outstanding improvement. I wish I'd bought one now that I see what can be done with it. :)


Dave C

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That's NICE.

Did you also paint the face, or is that from factory?

Maybe you should make a list of the improvements you made.




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Thanks for all the compliments, folks...

Serge... your request is my command...

Started by using nail polish remover to take of those awful eyebrows, which impacted the finish on his face, so I figured what the heck, and used it all over his head. The eyes were nicely done, so I tried to leave those alone.

I repainted the hair, using multiple washes and dry brush... sculpted the gloves on his hands... weathered the two belts a LOT... mostly on the holster, but the pants belt needed to be "aged" too. I did some sandy dust on his boots, and hit them with dullcoat to knock the shine off.... repainted the head, again using lots of washes and dry brush... painted the eyebrows back on using 4 different shades... painted in some chest hair... weird, I know... but necessary... and did a little dry brush aging on his shirt.

I showed the pics to a pal of mine who happens to be doing some work at Sideshow... and he showed the pics to the guy who sculpted the head... HE was blown away, and wonders why more people don't customize these pieces... The one thing he added, which I'll have to do, is to glue the right flap of his shirt down... really put the icing on the cake..

Thanks for looking... and commenting.