Comprehensive listing of ALL licensed replicas


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Here are some more for your list

Noble Collection
LOR Jewlery

The Ring of Aragorn
The One Ring 10 K Solid Gold Edition
The Staff of Gandalf the Grey, Both Staff's
The Headdress of Elrond
Elven Star Necklace
The Ring of Gandalf
Galadriel's Ring
The Elven Brooch
The Brooch of Galadriel
The Crown of King Elessar
The Ring of Elrond 10 Karat Gold
The Headdress of Galadriel
Denethor Ring
The Brooch of King Theoden
The King of Men Ring
The Brooch of Gandalf
The Saruman Brooch
and more proably that I cant remember.

Sideshow Toy
The Twilight Zone : The Invaders 1/1 scale reproduction

Majestic Studios
Trilogy of Terror: Zuni Fetish Warrior Figure 1/1 scale reproduction

Grey Zon
Crysknife from Dune


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UC also put out:

The Shadow Phurba Dagger
Stargate Ra Dagger

Now I might be getting picky, but would it be possible to add some sort of indication of what movie the item is from, if it's not in the title? I know the Pulse Rifle is from Aliens, but Alboin's Father's Sword? or Lightspeed's TER?

Also, I very much doubt that DC Direct is offering a 1:1 Tumbler (someone prove me wrong. ;) )


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Originally posted by PHArchivist+Apr 20 2005, 12:37 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(PHArchivist @ Apr 20 2005, 12:37 AM)</div>
Are these all 1:1, display quality prop replicas?

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@Apr 18 2005, 02:32 PM
DC Direct:

Abin Sur Green Lantern Power Battery
Hal Jordan GL Power Battery
Alan Scott GL Power Battery
Kingdom Come Planet Krypton Green Lantern Ring Set
Green Lantern Alan Scott Mini Bust w/ring
Green Lantern Hal Jordan Mini Bust with ring
Green Lantern Sinestro Mini Bust with ring
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner mini bust with ring
Sterling Silver GL Ring (Kyle version)
Sterling Silver GL Ring (Hal Version; WB Store Exclusive)
Sterling Silver GL Insignia ring
Sterling Silver Flash Insignia Ring
Legion of Super Heroes Flight Ring Replica
Batman Utility Belt Replica
Wonder Woman Tiara and Bracelets Set
Superman Key to the Fortress of Solitude
Superman Kryptonite Crystals set
Flash Costume Ring
Constantine Holy Shotgun
Batman Begins Batarang Prop

There are probably a few I can't think of right now, and I didn't include the little plastic pieces that they pack in with some of the action figures...
These are all 1:1 replicas, except for the Bat-Signal, which is 1:6 scale, and of course the mini-busts, but the rings with them are 1:1.


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I'm new here, is the Neca Charlie and the chocolate factory framed limited edition wrapper and golden ticket a 1.1? or is it a smaller replica of the original that's framed?

Thank you.


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Since this old but cool thread got a bump, maybe it should be updated with the new items too, especially the first post.


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This thread is fun nostalgia... Our industry/hobby is so advanced now, the concept in the thread is almost impossible to keep up!


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This awesome list needs updates as maNY props have come about since the last post.