Comprehensive listing of ALL licensed replicas


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Great idea and good combined effort.

It was fun scrolling through the list, going down memory lane. I not only recalled some old items I had coveted in the past but also reminded me of a couple I have stored away, forgotten until now.

When you guys get to the point where you think this puppy is close to complete, PM a staff member so they can earmark it for Archives.

Lynn TXP 0369

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You forgot some Don Post helmets from this list...

Don Post
CA Vader
CA Trooper
CA TIE Pilot
R2-D2 Statue
C-3PO Statue
Vader Deluxe
Boba Fett Deluxe
Boba Fett Statue
Trooper Statue


TIE Pilot with chest box Deluxe (same as CA, but in fg along with the chest box)
Stormtrooper Deluxe (same as CA, but in fg)
Biker Scout FG Deluxe (some were made)

End list...


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A couple of overlooked Albion items:

The "Discerner" sword, which was the inspiration for the film sword in John Boorman's 1981 "Excalibur." Since several versions of the swords were used throughout the film, this is a composite reproduction and is IMHO the most beautiful sword ever made. I've got a deposit on the limited edition. :)

They also sell the screen-accurate wearable over-the-shoulder leather scabbard for the William Wallace claymore sword from "Braveheart." Not licensed, but it fits my licensed Bravehart replica like a glove.

New NECA items:

They carry the entire line of licensed Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy props:

- Vogon stapler, mug, and desk pen (sold as a set and individually)
- Zaphod's gun
- Marvin's gun
- Point of View gun (rifle)
- Hitchhiker survival gear set: resin towel, Babel fish, and thumb ring
- yarn characters (pre-normality manifestations after a probability drive jump)

More officially licensed swords:

United Cutlery:

- Kroenen blade from Hellboy
- Zorro's sword The Mask of Zorro (silver and gold plated versions)

CAS Iberia:

- William Wallace claymore sword from Braveheart

- Gabe


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Originally posted by rocketeer25@Apr 17 2005, 07:08 PM
Didn't Icons sell a few of the Lost in Space B9 Robots?  Then Classics Reborn had the license, although I'm not sure if any were ever produced...
Yes, Icons sold about 80 or so. I think they only delivered around 10 (not a good deal.)
CR tried to get the license (working with a company called Mannetron) but that deal fell apart. I think one or two Robots did get made.

The B9 Robot Builders Club has about 300 members now and several have finished B9's of varying degrees of animation and accuracy.

I'm the owner of the club and just recently obtained the license for the full size B9. Materials are on order and the first batch should be ready around Christmas.

Visit [url] for more info.[/url]



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Colonial Blaster Pistol
Viper Pilot Jacket
Viper Pilot Helmet (? I think)

Franklin Mint

Star Trek TOS Phaser
(I think one of the TNG phasers, too)


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Not sure if these NECA items have been listed:

Sin City Police Badge Set
Sin City Grenade

Kill Bill Pussy Wagon Keychain


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NECA Sin City Bullet Shot Rafferty Badge SDCC Exclusive
NECA Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket and Chocolate Bar Wrapper

DC Direct Batarang Set
DC Direct "Tumbler" Batmobile


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Originally posted by General Grievous@Jun 21 2005, 01:13 AM
NECA Sin City Bullet Shot Rafferty Badge SDCC Exclusive
NECA Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket and Chocolate Bar Wrapper

DC Direct Batarang Set
DC Direct "Tumbler" Batmobile
Do you have any more info on the Golden Ticket? Is it an SDCC exclusive?


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Originally posted by Prop Runner@May 17 2005, 07:43 AM
- yarn characters (pre-normality manifestations after a probability drive jump)

Could you direct me to a site selling these, or pictures of these please?
Hi all,

A few I think I didn't see in there too....

Saurons Gauntlet (Not just the finger that MR gave us ;) )
Saurons Helm

from Stargate SG-1:
Jaffa Staff Weapon
Gate Replica

I also didn't see on the Icons list the MIB Neuralizer?

I hope someone boils this list down to a printable page, I'd love to keep it as a "checkoff list" for future hunts.

Bill P.
Aghh.... a few more...

I missed my personal favorites.

Monty Python Holy Grail Line:
Helm of the Black Knight
King Arthers Crown
Sir Bedevere's Helm (Squeeks too.)
& Tunics for each & Sir Robin too.

Sword of the Black Knight
Sword of King Arthur - Excaliber

That's it for now,
Bill P.


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Sorry for the delay folks, but all updates now complete.

Also, I've alphabetized the licensee's.

Please keep the additions and assistance coming.


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Please pay close attention to Sideshow Collectibles, considering how proific they have been of late.

Master Replicas too, for that matter...

Kerr Avon

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Terminator T-800 1:1 Replica
Terminator Endoskeleton Arm
Terminator 40 Watt Plasma Rifle
Terminator Rosebox Shotgun


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Forgive me if I duplicate what someone else has listed, I tried to go through all the posts to make sure I'm not repeating anyone...

Gil Hibben (you have listed as other)
Rambo Collection Knife Set (each also sold separately)
1. Rambo First Blood Knife
2. Rambo First Blood Part 2 Knife
3. Rambo 3 Knife

SD Studios
Lawgiver Set
-Streetjudge Helmet
Golden Gun
MIB Neuralizer
Wrist Dart Gun from "Moonraker"
Breather from "Thunderball"
Bond Attache Case

Batman Batarang or Ice-Rang

Marushin COP 357 - Silver (8mm) (Blade Runner/Matrix)

Franklin Mint
Klingon Disruptor
Trek Insignia Collection
Trek Tridimensional Chess Set

Franklin mint has had a few items over the years, a lot of models including the Enterprise, Titanic, motor cycles from Easy RiderÂ…
I will leave these off the list even though you have SW models from Icons and MR listed. There are just too many replica vehicles on the market to list.
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