Comprehensive listing of ALL licensed replicas


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Surprisingly, I've not seen an attempt at this.

Being the premier of replica prop forums, seems perhaps incumbent upon us to maintain such a listing/reference.

As such, I've started a spread sheet, contents posted below. I've limited my entries to only 1:1 licensed film memorabilia of collectible quality (e.g. I've included the Don Post helmets, but not the rubber masks). I've also included 1:1 scale kits, such as the Halcyon face huggers. As the list is comprehensive, I'm including ALL items offered on the retail market, past or present, currently available or passed. I'm not including items proposed for production that failed to make it.

While I've been in this hobby long enough to see the rise and fall if Icons, and enjoyed witnessing the current success of Master Replicas, I by no means claim to "know it all". Very few of us can. I've not kept up with MR and Rubies, and I know little of the licensed replica scene prior to Icons.

Creating such a listing must be a team effort, and I ask for your help.

I've posted what will serve as a starting point. I ask you all to contribute by adding what I've left out, correcting my errors, and perhaps even adding statistical data such as MSRPs, currently status, and run number totals. Please add your contributions in your own posts, and I or the Moderators can edit the initial listing.

When we feel it is complete, we can move the thread to the Archive...


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RoboCop gun by KSC
VP-70 Alien pistol
Mad Max shotgun
Blader Runner blaster
T2 Shotgun

Hessian Sword
Hessian Axe
Hessian Dagger
Father's Sword
Atlantean Sword
Atlantean Sword from Conan the Destroyer
Temple Dagger
Sword of Subotai
Fangs of the Serpent Dagger
Connor MacLeod Masamune sword
Kurgan Sword
Lord Oliver's sword
Lord Arnaut's sword
De Kere's sword
Discerner sword (inspiration for sword in John Boorman's Excalibur)

Darth Vader
Biker Scout
Tie Pilot
Red Guard
Boba Fett
Imperial Gunner
Rebel Fleet Trooper

Colonial Blaster Pistol
Viper Pilot Jacket
Viper Pilot Helmet (unconfirmed)

CAS Iberia
William Wallace sword

Creation Enterprises
Farcape Pulse Pisol
Pulse Rifle
Qualta Blade
Rygel's septre

DC Direct
Batarang Set
Tumbler Bat mobile (1:1 scale?)

Don Post
CA Vader
CA Trooper
CA TIE Pilot
R2-D2 Statue
C-3PO Statue
Vader Deluxe Helmet
Boba Fett Deluxe Helmet
TIE Pilot Deluxe Helmet and Chest Plate
Stormtrooper Deluxe Helmet
Biker Scout FG Deluxe Helmet
Boba Fett Statue
Trooper Statue

Factory X
Sword of Maximus
Helmet of Maximus
Sword of Tigris
Sword of the Scorpion King
Hessian's Axe
Hessian's Sword
Sword of the Daywalker
Stakes of the Daywalker
Glaive of the Daywalker
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Stake
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Necklace
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sword of Angelus
Captain America's shield
Nick Fury's gun & badge
Thor's hammer
Elecktra's sai
Iron Man's mask
XFiles NO2 Alien Baby Canister (pending)
Sword of Viktor

Franklin Mint
Star Trek TOS Phaser
Star Trek TNG (unconfirmed)

Puzzle Box
Facehugger 1
Facehugger 2


Gentle Giant
ROTS Yoda replica (pening)

Noisy Cricket
Endo Skull
Endo Arm
Endo Skeleton
Raptor Claw
Raptor Egg
ID4 Attacker
Jeannie Bottle
Xena Chakram
Pulse Rifle
Predator Disc
Luke ANH Saber
Vader ANH Saber
OB1 Saber
TIE Fighter
Black Hole Gun (Pending -- Did this make production?)
Lost In Space Laser Pistol
Lost In Space B9 Robot
Starship Troopers "Roger Young"
Disney 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea "Nautilus"
Robin's Batarang
BSG Cylon helmet

Illusive Concepts
Han in Carbonite
Chewie Bust
Vader/Anakin Reveal Bust

Stargate SG-1 ZAT Gun
Jaffa Staff Weapon
Gate Replica

Endo Skeleton
Endo Arm Kit
Endo Skull (clean)
Endo Skull (Battle Damaged)

Braveheart Sword

Master Replicas
Pirate Coin
AVP Alien Grid Head (Pending -- reported not released)
AVP Chestburster
Predator Spear
Aliens Motion Tracker
Finger of Sauron
FX Sting
White Witch's Wand
Peter's Sword
Rocketeer Helmet
Cinderella Glass Slipper
TOS Communicator
TOS Tricorder
TOS Phaser
TOS Klingon Disruptor
TNG First Contact Phaser
Thermal Detonator w/ Carrie Fisher's Sig
Solo ESB Blaster
Ep I Darth Maul Saber
Ep I Darth Maul Saber w/ Ray Park's Sig
Ep II Anakin Saber
Ep II Anakin Saber w/ Haden's Sig
Ep II Obi Wan Saber
Ep II Count Dooku Saber
Ep II Yoda Saber
Ep II Mace Windu Saber
Ep II Mace Windu Saber w/ Sam's Sig
Ep III Anakin Saber
Ep III Obi Wan Saber
Ep III Yoda Saber
Ep III Vader Saber
Ep III Sidious Saber
Ep IV Obi Wan Weathered Saber
Ep IV Obi Wan Pristine Saber
Ep IV Vader Saber
Ep IV Vader Saber w/Prowse/Jones' sigs
Ep V Luke Saber
Ep V Luke Saber w/Hamill's Sig
Ep V Vader Saber
Ep V Vader Saber w/Prowse's Sig
Ep VI Luke Saber
Ep VI Luke Saber Elite Edition
Ep II Anakin(EL)
Ep VI Luke (EL)
Ep IV Vader (LED)
Ep II Mace Windu (LED)
Ep V Luke (LED)
Ep V Vader (LED)
Ep III Anakin (LED)
Leia's ANH Blaster SE
Leia's ANH Blaster LE
Battle Damaged Darth Maul lightsaber (Ep1).
Signature Edition Count Douku lightsaber
Jango Fett Pistols
Emperor's Cane
Clone Trooper Helmet
Darth Vader Ep IIII Helmet
Darth Vader Ep IIII Helmet, Signature Edition
Medal of Yavin
Jedi Training Remote
Solo ANH Blaser
Trooper Blaster
Rebel Blaster
Thermal Detonator--old
Thermal Detonator--new
Snow Speeder

Wooden Hellraiser Cube
Vogon stapler, mug, and desk pen (sold as a set and individually)
Vogon stapler
Vogon mug
Vogon desk pen
Zaphod's gun
Marvin's gun
Point of View gun rifle
Hitchhiker survival gear set: resin towel, Babel fish, and thumb ring
Yarn characters
Sin City Police Badge Set
Sin City Grenade
Kill Bill Pussy Wagon Keychain
Sin City Bullet Shot Rafferty Badge SDCC Exclusive
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket and Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Thing Spider Head
Addams Family Thing Hand
Rambo Knife
M-1 Endo Skull

Palisade Toys

Peerless Collectibles
T-800 Battle Damaged Hand
Endo Arm
T-800 Finger
T-800 Chip
TOS Communicator
TOS Tricorder
TOS Phaser
TOS Phaser 1
TOS Ear Piece
Bork Arm Weapon
TNG Dustbuster Phaser
TOS Kligat
TNG Cobra Head Phaser
Nemisis Dolphin Phaser
UFP Badge Set
Nemisis Dolphin Phaser DLX
TNG Boomerang Phaser DLX
STVI Klingon DIsruptor
TOS Agonizer
TOS Pike Phaser
TOS Phaser Rifle
TOS Klingon Disruptor DLX
TNG Boomerang Phaser

Vader Statue
Yoda AOTC statue
Watto Statue
Darth Maul Statue
Young Anakin Statue
Jar Jar statue
Vader Helmet
Gollum statue
Golum bust
Dobby statue
Orc Overseer bust
Lurtz bust
Moria or bust

SD Studios
Line of Fire pistol
Flintstones Credit Card
Pulse Rifle
Lawgiver Set--Lawgiver, Badge, Buckle, Streetjudge Helmet
Golden Gun
MIB Neuralizer
Wrist Dart Gun from "Moonraker"
Breather from "Thunderball"
Bond Attache Case
Goldeneye magnetic mine

Sideshow Collectibles
Alien 1 Head
Hellboy Samaritan
Hellboy Right Hand of Doom
Kronen Mask
Darth Maul Bust
Greedo Bust
T3 Endo Skull
Endo Arm
Endo skeleton (Pending -- Not yet released)
Rosebox shotgun (Pending -- Not yet released)
Plasma rifle (Pending -- Not yet released)

Timeless Collectibles
Endo Arm
Stabbing Finger
T-1000 Claw

Gremlin (Or was the kit a different brand?)

United Cutlery
Sting Scabbard
Sword of Boromir
Helm of Gondor
Helm of Gimli
Battle Axe of Gimli
Walking Axe of Gimli
Bearded Axe of Gimli
Uruk-Hai Scimitar
Sword of the Ringwraiths
Sword of the Witch King
Sword of Eowyn
High Elven Warrior Helm
Herugrim -- Sword of King Theoden
Staff of Saruman
Staff of Gandalf
Fighting KNives of Legolas
Fighting Knives of Legolas Scabbards
Sword of the Strider
Sword of the Strider Scabbard
Elven Knife of Strider
High Elven Warrior Shield
Anduril Scabbard
Shards of Narsil
Gauntlet of Suaron
Helm of Sauron
Mace of Sauron
Helm of Elendil
Indiana Jones Khyber Bowie Knife
Kroenen blade from Hellboy
Zorro's sword (The Mask of Zorro -- silver and gold plated versions)
Monty Python Holy Grail Line:
Helm of the Black Knight
King Arthers Crown
Sir Bedevere's Helm (Squeeks too.)
& Tunics for each & Sir Robin too.
Sword of the Black Knight
Sword of King Arthur - Excaliber

Noisy Cricket
Green Goblin Pumpkin Bomb
Green Goblin Trident
Daily Bugle Newspaper replicas
Harry Osborne ID badge


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then you have all the Grey Zon models... I don't know about all that they made, but i do know they had:

Darth Maul skull
ID4 alien skull
Gremlin Skull
Creature from the Black Lagoon Fossil hand
Alien Queen Facehugger


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Originally posted by PHArchivist@Apr 16 2005, 11:14 PM
Was Grey-zon licensed?  I thought they were a "garage kit" company...

Hmmm, maybe they were just a garage kit company, I wasn't sure


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and Master Replicas never did release the AVP Alien Grid head, but did release :
Predator spear
Aliens Motion Tracker
Finger of Sauron
Fx Sting


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Originally posted by begsby@Apr 17 2005, 03:16 AM
Don't forget the Samaritan, Right Hand of Doom & Kronen mask that Sideshow makes/made.

Had them under "Other" -- will move them over to Sideshow. Thanks.


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Originally posted by allosaur176@Apr 17 2005, 03:20 AM
and Master Replicas never did release the AVP Alien Grid head, but did release :
Predator spear
Aliens Motion Tracker
Finger of Sauron
Fx Sting

Added the tracker. The finger was MR (thought it was UC)? Will move it...


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Originally posted by allosaur176@Apr 17 2005, 03:32 AM
I guess the MR FX sabers would be considered to be replicas too right??

A-ffirmative... I've not even tried with the MR sabers because there are so many of them... I KNOW there are folks here that know much more about them than I.


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Both, is that Mad Max shot gun still available?

Originally posted by bothanspy@Apr 17 2005, 03:21 AM
Here's a few more licensed airsoft gun

RoboCop gun by KSC
VP-70 Alien pistol
Mad Max shotgun
Blader Runner blaster

Holy Zoo

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"I've limited my entries to only 1:1 licensed film memorabilia"

So no TV?

Thats sort of a bummer, since MR has made some really great Star Trek items:

TOS Communicator
TOS Tricorder
TOS Phaser
TOS Klingon Disruptor
TNG First Contact Phaser
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