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Jen Tate

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The original colour of the ultrapreme fabric was super bright and I was really worried it wouldnt dye. Luckily it dyes really well you just need to continually stir it for 30-45 mins to make sure it dyes evenly. My first attempt was a little uneven and was still a little too bright against my main fabric.
I used a full pack of black iDye Poly and a little bit of navy Rit dye. You are supposed to use the stove method for this kind of dye but I just used hot water from the kettle and it worked just as well.

Jen Tate

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FE2FFDD6-C36B-4FE1-8103-7B976D299C8C.jpeg 865ECA2C-C841-495E-BA06-6FBBBE902E02.jpeg D309C319-42ED-4CEE-B718-B5B096FF5D7B.jpeg 104E423D-BA23-4F88-A835-6574B8C55B80.jpeg DB5C013B-73A0-4A82-8CFF-9C1E2E87C885.jpeg CEDBB22B-75CD-4D6D-83A2-C0FBDAD1A731.jpeg AE850F24-9BF4-44CD-A23D-F4D7B2E98516.jpeg B7EF0F70-DB84-4931-BDFB-1E1C6D0791AB.jpeg
Today I’ve been working on the back panel. This has a few different techniques on it and very little reference (it’s always the back of the costume that’s the issue). From what I can make out I have patterned the piece and will be top stitching some strips on and embossing some other parts. Since I’m using thin pleather I have to use interfacing and hem tape to help form a thick shape ready to top stitch onto the main piece. The embossed parts I will be doing by gluing strips of leather to the underside then more glue on the sides and forming the shape around it.


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Well, folks, it's been a few weeks since you've heard from me! I was invited over to texas for Solidworks world so I had a fantastic busy but distracting few weeks got a chance to hang out with some fantastic makers with fun projects on the horizon

anyway! since I returned I've been battling with the chest it seems my choice in the resin was a poor one because it was simply no good for Slushing (Axom F180) the top layer was fine but the internal layers were not great and as I begun carving details it started leaching horrid liquids that ruined everything it touched

I tried sealing with epoxy, CA glue until I cut my losses and decided to run a new waste pull and start again since at this point it would probably consume less time! I have to say the Hugest thanks to my local prop Yoda Heatshock to the lend of some stock of SG2000 to keep me going!


with that in mind, I Nailed forward a lot of progress this weekend past I spent a good 4-6 hours doing the initial resculpt on the chest and the detailing lines I also made a tool for sanding the grooves this time it made for a much more consistent finish and I'm really thrilled with how it went a little bit of misc filling here and there as well as a few passes of increasing grits of sandpaper

I also printed out my Chest star and oh my.. this felt like a special moment in the project

53617057_258321618432930_2847960064851968000_n.jpg 53074207_265070024408380_4113401925838307328_n.jpg 53110753_358182778120600_854750899094945792_n.jpg

now it really started to feel real! my formlabs form 2 knocked this part clean out of the park as usual!

next up I turned my focus to the leg details and the small triangles that dot all over the costume
53071348_386217802198539_5299884678558253056_n.png 53668400_2094837770607648_7540325867113676800_n.jpg 53672010_382862135883736_5207003850413703168_n.jpg

once molded I think these will be great little upgrade kit parts for folks working on the costume!

I also worked on the crotch plate as with the leg details I also made sure to include a stitching gully to guide any sewing of the part (since it will be cast in rubber)
53274641_262584031325274_1529980987079917568_n.png 53854751_299766467378601_9143766304082100224_n.jpg
we had some preliminary conversations about paint and it does terrify us somewhat! but we will do our best even if just for V1! I plan to get in touch with TigerStoneFX at some point (well I've tagged them now so maybe they will see this!) they gave us a great supplier for Imperiflex but not sure were quite up to that standard of painting yet! their work is simply terrific!! (and a lot of painted urethane rubber too!!)

The last thing I finished this evening is the arm details they are similar to the leg details but a touch extended for sizing and trimming


we'll get a fuller picture as we head into the weekend! the shin spats and boot covers are on hold until we get the parts that interact with the soft's done so that can be progressed while I tackle those devilish shins!!

tomorrow Gwyn and Karen have a sanding evening/day through till Thursday that should be fun for them haha

I can see an end in sight and it's keeping me going, sorry my progress has been slow but I really want to knock all the details I can out as to the best of my ability!

a little more carving and a lot more molding and we'll get there!!

Higher Further Faster!!


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Jen Tate

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I’ve been playing around with techniques for the leg panel that has the embossed parts. I’ve used strips of leather underneath and for the red part I’ve used leather with the pleather over the top and painted it with red acrylic paint. It’s not super neat as it’s just a test piece.



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Also really loving this! I don't have the experiences or the resources to make this myself, so I am vicariously living through your build.

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