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Hey Guys!

So after me and a few buddies saw the trailer and thought about it more and more I want to kick off the documentation of a new project, Captain Marvel


I'm working in part of a team NEMA (North East Makers Alliance) as we figure if we work together we can make something really special!


So clockwise from "Quality Control Cat" we have:
  • Karen - My Wife and part of =JJ= Industries - JJ Industries
  • Suzzane - She will be helping us track our progress and make sure we stay on target for march!
  • Phil - Suzzane's lesser half he'll be helping us on the Painting front, doesn't yet have a brand page but i'll link when he does!
  • Gwyn - Our Own Captain she's also a sick seamstress and a great Costumer/Cosplayer and will be working on all sorts of patterns and fabric stuff!, one part of Seams Legit with Emma
  • Emma - Seamstress extraordinaire and the other Piece of Seams Legit, we actually have passed each other for years but only starting to get to know each other now! - Seams Legit
  • Some bearded guy: It me.. (I'll be heading up hard parts, design, 3d, molding, casting and bringing my own care and attention to the project!)
After closely looking at the Photos from the LA Shoot in the Kree Costume we've taken to assume the construction is the same for the Title Hero Costume

I'd broken the layers down into 4 parts and after some discussion with the team we were all in agreement

Under-Layer: For Sweat and heat control in costume:

Mid-Layer: For flexibility & Arm Movement in costume so the arms sewn to a flexible zipped top:

Waist-Coat: This is basically a sleeveless top for the ribs, stomach and back to be covered we dont have a ref shot of it entirely by itself but we can see it in the full kit up

Chest-Plate: were assuming this is Molded rubber more on that soon:

For the chest when we were looking at the hard parts i'd initially identified these as the molded parts of the costume:

however after some further looking and humming and more thinking the truth of it looks a lot more like this:



my initial thoughts realising now how much I'd be biting off haha.. but I'm not one to shy away from a challenge so i decided it was best to totally ignore the hardest part and work on arguably the easiest part the glove details haha!

Modeled in SOLIDWORKS I took reference and approximated the sizing we will hone the scale on this more accurately before printing a master and molding this will be cast as a single piece of PU rubber and sewn into the leather gloving to best replicate that of the original!


it probably took me about 30 mins-45 mins just to play and get the scale how i wanted it and then i added a back plate for molding and base thickness


meanwhile conversation continued on fabrics and selections as we narrow down what we think looks best, I also ordered a range of PU foam and PU rubber samples to to some paint and feel tests with

Phil our Paint maestro begun playing with some golds and reds to experiment for the finishes


I decided it best not to avoid the most time consuming and complex part of the build any longer at this point and just give right in and get to work on the chest I'm modeling this in Fusion 360 as it has a great tool set for Sub-D for creating those more unusual organic shapes that i don't have the time to re-create in Solidworks, after a few hours of mashing out some general shapes i managed to get something i was reasonably happy with to match reference



At this stage I was happy with the surface and i went ahead and asked Gwyn for a full set of measurements I then made a replica Gwyn body in MakeHuman - I'm not going to share that here because PG-13 hahaha

anyway with this it allowed me to tweak the base surface to match the female form better than the front elevation image alone that I had, modeling around [lady mountains]* I will say is a challenge on its own i was continually asking Karen who was sat next to me "does this look like it would be comfortable" haha

* (Apparently the B word is a bad word not even the *oob variation but the what i was quite tame *reast Variant!!)


after two days I'm probably at about the 15 hour mark here I'm not fully Fluent with F360 just yet but i'm getting there and happy with the progress

I spent some time experimenting in vain trying to model the star using Quads my brain just isn't programmed fully for that just yet! I knew i wanted to get Zbrush in the Chain at some point as it's something that has hung over me for a few years as I'd really love to get more proficient in it other than using just for detail lines surface textures and decimation after seeing such fantastically inspired production pieces by the likes of Sam Williams (TFA/Solo,R1 etc) if you don't follow him on Instagram go do it right now - @aristotles.lantern

I did some very rough work to give me a feel for if everything was in the right place i'm not get in a position to just finish the part here in zbrush but it's another step using ZB i'd never used before


granted this is the kree layout it's mostly the save save the wing details and an odd triangle i was pleasantly surprised with my rudimentary bashing and i may return later to do the layout and panel lines before finalizing i do want to keep that till last though as once i move into zbrush there is no going back (well not without loosing whatever i do in ZB, I love the Parametric nature of Solidworks and F360!

so i flipped back into Solidworks modeled it up and use the Flex tool to match the shape of the breast plate center (using a very low tec screenshot of a section view from the center of the plate/body) haha


Please don't judge me and my questionable modeling practices hahaha


the part came out great and my next few days have been spent laying out the hard panel lines that have steps as i can still get them done in F360 at this stage as well as working on the neckline which i retooled thanks to some great GREAT shots from My buddy Bruno in Brazil who snapped some ref for us at CCXP (FYI importing the Solidworks file into F360 was a doddle drop in the file with no weird export fiddling!!)



and of course cant skip a cheeky render!


I hope ahead it wont take me too long to finish up now on this part, i'll then print it FDM (SLA for the Star)and pass it off to Karen to Finishing and prep for molding which i'll do all at once with the team

I cant wait to share our developments as we have them and keep you up to date as we go!
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Jen Tate

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I have been looking at possible fabrics for the soft parts of the costume and really want to do most of it in leather with some stretch contrast fabric in certain parts. For the gloves I checked out my local leather shop and I really like this one as its soft, will sew on a normal machine and has some stretch. I know its some kind of nappa (either lamb or babybuck leather but I will get the exact name if I do buy it).


Jen Tate

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We are still not 100% on what the fabrics actually are but we have found some that we think will work really well,just waiting on some samples.

We are pretty confident it is mainly leather and just trying to source something with a slight metallic look, so far this hide is looking like a good option

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 21.09.26.png

As this fabric has no movement we want to add a stretch fabric for the contrast so I can actually get it on and move easily. We are looking togged this one ordered from cosplay fabrics

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 15.35.27.png

For the red fabric we thought it might be suede but looking at the photos from Brazil Comic Con it looks like it has a stretch by the the way it drapes on the boot covers and this will help add more movement to the costume. I have ordered some Scuba Jersey Crepe fabric which still has a texture to it that you can see on some of the high res shots.

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 15.36.34.png


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Jen Tate

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So its gonna get really hot under all that costume so I will be wearing cooling under armour which will make the costume more comfortable, absorb all the sweat (gross I know) and its easier to wash the base layer rather than try and wash the main costume. Looking at the shots of her without her top it looks like she is wearing a long sleeve base with a sports bra over the top. Im guessing she will be wearing the same kind of thing on her legs too.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 15.42.17.png


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Evening Folks!

Great night tonight prepping Gwyns first hair dye pass, and taking a pass at the chest details in Zbrush
we did have a minor fail with the duct tape dummy but failure is the best teacher so we'll do another soon!!

Sad immobile gwyn being used as a photo op by us two hahaha

anyway onto the modelling! I mentioned I had a few more hard panel lines to wrap on i got them done and was happy to dive into DeathBrush (ZBrush)


after several hours of playing with curves and lazy brushes I got something I was mostly happy with, I might take another run at it again tomorrow but I'm reasonably happy with the results here for now!


I was hoping to bring back into fusion to show as a render but that doesn't look like its going to happen haha

ok time to catch some ZZ's!!


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scrap that turns out i can !!


ok now for some sleep!!

I'll start work on the rest of the neck parts later today but I'm happy with this as is for now!

i'll be able to clean up any smaller items on the master i imagine


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So after some rest & relaxation* I reviewed with the team and all seemed happy so I diced up the model for FDM Print using Netfabb

of course in true fashion only after I did the cuts did I spot some terrible detail line I want to go back and replace now haha, although there is some give on this project due to our timescale I want to go back and fix this before print so I guess my night in ZBrush for the Chest is not yet over!!


*stuffed face with holiday season junk


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Although I was dreading re-doing the sculpt lines I'm SOOO happy I did!! some things that were ok are now better and some things that were not good are now just ok!

well at least I think so, I also split into 6 parts this time around as the lower half was pretty much on the limit of the bed size, this way i can get all the lower segments on one bed and the chest on 2 beds

looking like approx 70-80 hours for this part in total so I better get it going !! :p

The Star will be flat printed on my Formlabs Form 2 more on that to follow!



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Loving it so far! I’ll be embarking on this project myself before too long. *gulp*
thanks, man! can't wait to see your crack at it! from a modelling perspective so far it's certainly been tricky haha step two for me is the upper arms, I'm hoping I can get them and the gauntlets done over the holidays as they are probably the biggest time sinks I see modelling wise!

in other news, the first half is now on print! S3D says 25 hours, let's see how accurate the V4.1 time estimate update was!! (normally out by a massive order of magnitude hahaha)



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I'd love to make my own star. Maybe once you've ironed out your plan you'd share that one stl?
I don't see why not will get the rest sorted first and then sort that out do you think folks would want the flat design or the curved one?

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