captain marvel

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  1. AllyBP

    Captain Marvel cosplay

    Hello guys. A while ago I made my Captain Marvel suit from scratch and had to fix it, so I filmed the adjustments step by step and posted on my Instagram, if u guys want to check it out: I also made the Endgame version (but I didn't do a DIY for...
  2. 7sinzz

    Captain Marvel Pager WORKING SCREEN!!! Pic Heavy!

    I've been working on this Captain Marvel pager for a few weeks now and initially used the STL from thingiverse. I later decided that it wasn't very accurate, so I used it as a base and created my own STL for the pager. I also had to build it around the dimensions to fit the electronics inside...
  3. Soulinertia

    Limited Run GOOSE Flerken from Captain Marvel!

    Doing a limited run of these GOOSE Flerkens. Comes with custom name tag and glowing tesseract! Order via etsy - Order via Ebay - GOOSE Flerken cat plushie Captain Marvel w/tesseract & metal name tag! funko fan | eBay Or order direct from me for $36...
  4. ArgusUndercover

    Captain Marvel / Miss Marvel Inspired Paper Props - The Definitive Thread

    Captain Marvel inspired paper props - Fan Made for private collection and cosplay use! I have been putting some of these items together for a while, and now at the stage where some data files and case files can now be sent off to Eric Koenig at Triskelion HQ for archiving. You will see a...
  5. SMP Designs

    Mar-Vell (formerly Yon-Rogg) WIP - pic heavy

    Hi everyone - here we go again! The latest project to come through the studio is a companion piece to the recent Captain Marvel build that I outlined - Yon-Rogg! I began the project by mapping out the chest and torso. Like most projects, I started with a basic pattern block built to fit the...
  6. Thodiphash

    Nick Fury / Captain Marvel Pager Beeper - Avengers Prop

    Hi everyone, long time fan of the site, just wanted to share my new build of a Nick Fury pager. I know it's not screen accurate (clearly), but it is made from a Motorola pager and all real world parts. (I had a broken laptop that I finally cannibalized) No 3d printed parts. There is a bluetooth...
  7. iamshazam

    Captain Marvel Starforce Screen Worn Costume Pics (Vers, Yon-Rogg, Korath)

    PIC HEAVY After the premier last night my buddy wanted to stop at the Disney store and we are glad we did, they had 3 screen worn costumes from the movie on display. So I figured I would take some shots for any that are considering building any of these suits, enjoy... If you do decide to...
  8. Soulinertia

    Limited Run Captain Marvel / Nick Fury pager built off a real Motorola!

    For some time now I've been working on a custom built Nick Fury / Captain Marvel cosmic pager built on an actual Motorola pager with highly detailed SLA 3D printed parts, modeled and printed by JOATRASH FX on his FormLabs2 printer. I know the pager seen on screen doesn't exist in real life, but...
  9. Stitch

    Unlimited Run Custom Captain Marvel - Carol / Maria Flight Suits

    SPECIAL ORDER-PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU ORDER! SEE OUR YOU TUBE VIDEO ON THIS TRAILER BREAKDOWN Carol Danvers / Maria Rambeau - USAF Flight Suit Replica - STITCH'S LOFT (1) CWU-27/p REAL Flight Suit with hook and loop (1) Custom Carol Danvers / Maria Rambeau nametag (1) Set of REAL USAF...
  10. Stitch

    Unlimited Run Screen Accurate Captain Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. Ball Caps

    Screen accurate Flexfit Hats Two sizes S-M or L-XL Carol Danvers - Captain Marvel Grey or Black Variant Carol Danvers S.H.I.E.L.D. 90's Throwback Hats - STITCH'S LOFT
  11. juno

    Unlimited Run Captain Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. Ball Cap

    Ready to ship. As close as I can get it! Silver embroidery on a twill hat with velcro closure. Marvel1 by juno posted Jan 29, 2019 at 10:10 PM More pics (and the ability to purchase) here: Captain Marvel Agents of SHIELD Hat
  12. SMP Designs

    Captain Marvel WIP (Pic Heavy)

    OK, I'm getting started on my version of the new Carol Danvers suit and thought I'd go ahead and throw it into the mix. So, let's just jump right in. Like many MCU costumes, Captain Marvel is constructed in several pieces. The main part of the upper body is a vest with a clever closure system...
  13. Sni9er

    Captain Marvel Build - NEMA

    Hey Guys! So after me and a few buddies saw the trailer and thought about it more and more I want to kick off the documentation of a new project, Captain Marvel I'm working in part of a team NEMA (North East Makers Alliance) as we figure if we work together we can make something really...
  14. qwista

    Captain Marvel material help

    Hello everyone, I'm want to make Captain Marvels outfit, the version she will wear in her new movie. But I have never made a costume like this, so I am wondering what material do you think it is? And do you think that there is armor parts on it? Do you think I need to put lights into it? and so...
  15. V

    Captain Marvel

    Carol Danvers will have her solo movie, releasing on July 6 2018.

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