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I'm pulling together a No Face for con and I'm bogging down in how to build the face itself. It's going to be somewhere around the size of 12"w x 16"h. It is going to be mounted to the structure of my costume so I don't need to see through it or attach it to my face.
So far I'm seriously considering:
a. Paper mache method using glue as the binder and old cotton sheeting as the material with maybe a layer of sculptamold to smooth it out.
b. Carving it out of rigid foam insulation and sanding till smooth. Probably priming with something, not sure what, to smooth it out further.
Basic tools and skillset, low budget. Needs to be paintable and very smooth, light and rigid but not especially fragile.
Do you think one method would work better than another? Would you suggest something else?


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Plug your computer into your tv, tape several pieces of paper to your tv screen and then trace onto the paper; make a perfect 2D outline of your No Face (Shameless) mask. If you have a good profile and 3/4 view, make those as well.
I would sculpt it with an aluminum foil base and then Sculpy. Coat it with Rebound 25 and the slush cast.


carve/sand it out of wood. If you have a thin and soft wood, you could steam it and bend it into shape.


print out 3D file. No-Face Mask from SpiritedAway (Wearable if Modified) by 3DPrintedAspie


sheet of aluminum 1 - 1.5 mm thick, pound it roughly into shape over a leather pellet bag, then English wheel it to smooth


sculpt out of Sculpy and then bake...this might be heavy.


Make wood frame, stretch out canvas over a No Face kite


I almost feel like there is a real-world item that will resemble the face, like a kid's sled, or a sunlight dome that might be close enough to cut holes and make the mask.

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