1. mrcarkeys42

    Question about thicker EVA foam

    Hey everyone! I’m doing a job this week replacing the flooring in a gym. The current flooring is Eva foam matting (the interlocking puzzle piece kind) and it was all going to be tossed so I figured I would take it, there is a ton here and figured it would cover my foam related needs for the...
  2. DG Reid

    Building No Face face

    I'm pulling together a No Face for con and I'm bogging down in how to build the face itself. It's going to be somewhere around the size of 12"w x 16"h. It is going to be mounted to the structure of my costume so I don't need to see through it or attach it to my face. So far I'm seriously...
  3. M

    Question about material used in PVC/rubber patches

    Hey RPF! Quick materials question, and a friend suggested you guys might have an answer. I am trying to identify the material used in PVC/Rubber patches like in the above video. From what I've been able to tell, it starts as a room-temperature liquid and turns solid when baked, and given the...