Buck Rogers and Galactica Props

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Ok .. my buddy just ended up with some awesome a$$ Buck Rogers Tv series pistols , rifles and they are real.. Galtactica Cylone Pistol and Rifle also.. Does anybody know some prices from past auctions.. I would love to know how much something like that is worth.. uh.. Ok before somebody gimes me the its only worth what someone is willing to pay jazz.. I mean.. Does Anyone know the Market for something like that..

I dont know if he will want the pics posted.. I will check.. I want to know.. not to sell them.. but cuz I would love to get a few things that may very well be out of my price range.. but a few items are broken.. and I may be able to get those.. .. hmmm just wondering if anybody had seen some former austions before..

Assortment of BR Pistols, Rifles, etc..


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Disclaimer: I have not purchased from this seller, and I don't know anything about them. I am only posting this link because they have resin replicas of one of the blasters mentioned in this thread. They might be crooks, and they equally might be the most Stand-Up guys you'll ever meet. I have no idea.

SciFi-models.com has a Buck Rogers pistol for 45 pounds (sorry, I'm in the US and don't know where to find the British Pound symbol). According to www.xe.com that works out to $79.24 in US Dollars.

They don't have any Cylon Weapons, but their TOS Colonian Blaster goes for 65.99 pounds. That's $116.25.

I was watching an auction on eBay for a Colonial Blaster that went over $125.00. Unfortunately I didn't notice the final price. I wasn't going to pay more than $125, so I took it out of my watch list at that point. Again, that was a Colonial weapon and not a Cylon, so I'm not sure how hwlpfull that is.


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Originally posted by uscm buzz@Jan 28 2006, 02:41 PM
Ok guys anybody able to identify these..? let the games begin..

Buck used that gun and holster I believe in "Plot to Kill a City"

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The gun was used by various bad guys in the first season and by Hawk in the second season. The holster is a Draconian holster.

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Yea I knew the pistol was pretty common.. there were several used in the ep the fighting 69th.. by the bad guys guards.. I thought the holster might have been quinces from plot to kill a city as it matches his belt.. buck is wearing all black.. but I will look again..

Ok so it might be a draconian holster.. that sounds cool.. I guess I gotta go look at the 1st episode..


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i sold this one to a member a while back. :)

never finished it but i did complete and keep my Buck version. :D

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Originally posted by uscm buzz@Jan 31 2006, 01:24 AM
ok Galactica.. hmmm heres a wierd one.. dont know..

That'd be a "NUMO" or a "PNEUMO" from the episode "The Lost Warrior" or maybe from "The Magnificent Warriors" of TOS Galactica.

One of them was just up on eBay a few days ago.


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The rifle with the rear cross site.. I think its a pellet rifle.. without the front pump forgrip which woudl explain the canister with the warning on it.. I think its a Benjamin pelletrifle.. dont think they make them anymore.. but they did back then..