Browning M2HB, M2A1, M3 & AN/M2 machine gun 3D printed - Terminator RSB-80?

A member of Cults3D wanted a Browning M1919, so I decided to design the A4 version of that weapon. I managed to find some blueprints on this, so, I'm following them. I thought it would be easy with the blueprints, but not so much...probably because I'm doing some of the internal components and making these components movable.
I'll probably design the ammo drum, that Arnie used in Terminator: Judgement Day, even though I don't believe it ever was designed in the real world.

M1919A4 Capture 1.JPG
M1919A4 Capture 2.JPG
M1919A4 Capture 3.JPG

Almost finished the M1919A4. Still have to model the front fold-down sight. I made a fairly detailed and somewhat functional interior, with a bolt that retracts, extractor arm (to extract bullets from the ammo belt), a belt feed lever which follows the cam in the bolt, and moves the belt feed slide in the cover, a movable range slide in the rear sight, movable trigger and lastly a catch that latches the cover in place.

For fun, I modelled the Terminator 3 totally fictional ammo drum and harness hardware, where Arnie lays down suppressing fire in the cemetery. That also needs some more work on it to make it closer to what appeared on the screen. The support hardware is oversized but designed to support the whole the whole prop, since it will most likely be printed in PLA, and the 1/2" copper plumbing pipe that is used to support the length of the barrel adds a bit of weight as well.



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Probably one of my most detailed and accurate works ever with a retracting bolt, extractor moving on a cam, belt feed slide and arm moving along cam folding front and rear sights. Since it is only a prop, lots of internal workings were omitted. Some tradeoffs had to be made between accuracy and PLA strength, but that was minor. The barrel and barrel jacket are removable for storage. I also added a different handle for the Back Plate, so if someone wanted to use Wood PLA they could stain the grips. I also redesigned the Terminator drum to look more like the movie version.

Still working on an instruction set.

M1919A4 Finished.JPG

Terminator Capture.JPG

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Why do I keep doing this? OK, this will be it for a while. I designed this to be reinforced with 1/2" copper plumbing pipe. It's called the M2 Tripod, but almost identical to the M122 which still is in use today. The only difference is the pintle which supports the front weapon and the T&E which supports the back.


US Ordnance, has made an upgrade to the M2HB and called it the M2A2. Outwardly it's just a Quick Change Barrel.
The red part on the Carry Handle latches onto the barrel. It's not red in real life. The Barrel Support is almost exactly like the others, except the vent holes on the sides are oblong. Basically "hot dog" shaped.

M2A2 Conversion.JPG

Thanks joberg.

Still working on accessories. The first 2 are for the M50 Dragon version of the M2HB, Front and rear sight along with the flash hider. The other flash hider is a rare one I saw on a dual naval mount. I have to do a test print to see if the threads on the flash hiders work, so that they can be removable.

M50 Dragon-1.JPG
M50 Dragon-2.JPG
M50 Dragon-3.JPG



  • M50 Dragon-3.JPG
    M50 Dragon-3.JPG
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Jesus i love this thread !! your work is outstanding as always and the add ons are top notch (y)(y)
That knurling in tinkercad ????:oops::oops::eek:
Thank you so much. I really admire your work, so when you say you like mine, it really means a lot to me.

Yes, the knurling is done in Tinker. I found an easy way to do it using the screw threads tool. Sometimes the geometry gets wonky when you have a higher face count, but generally it works great.

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Still printing away. With the new Cura things seem to be printing a little slower, even though I adjusted the speed settings, however, the prints are accurate and seem to be assembling without issue. I'm going to get the armor shield laser cut out of acrylic. The components 'seem' to be resilient enough to support it. Might be a little sag or bounce when moved.

Sorry for the poor definition of parts. Some parts aren't sanded yet and I was just checking fit. Tried to brighten it up, but not much better.



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