Browning M2HB, M2A1, M3 & AN/M2 machine gun 3D printed - Terminator RSB-80?

The Mk93 Mount is complete. I had to thicken up the frame so that it would stand up to a bit of punishment. The ammo can holder definitely is a lot thicker but it will hold up a 50 caliber ammo can but definitely not a full one. A metal latch should be added to keep the ammo can secure.
The extra holes around the assembly are for countersunk screws which will reinforce the structure.

I may add an adapter to hold up a plexi armor shield, but I'd have to see how heavy that is. That may truly be beyond PLA's strength.



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I'm thinking with the extra reinforcement, which I think is on the original shield mount, that with some screws for reinforcement, it would indeed hold up an acrylic shield.

Armor Shield 1.JPG

Armor Shield 2.JPG

Wow...that's what I call Pro-Job on those rendering/engineering:notworthy::notworthy:(y)(y) Yep, you're right about the re-enforcement attaching that acrylic shield.
Good thing that it's not solid and that a good part is absent of the total mass.(y)
When I was designing the shield adapter from a photo, I eyeballed the measurements. When you make an error in the beginning, you tend to continue making the rest of your model based on that error. The piece that holds the shield is a quite a bit larger and more robust now, with added reinforcement.

Mk93 Large Mount1.JPG

Mk93 Large Mount2.JPG

There is a certain pleasure of designing something in 3D and making the mechanics functional.

I updated my Surefire Hellfighter Mount to include the Spotlight. Designed with a latchable hinge for the front light shade, a latch so that the spotlight locks in place for mounting and details like a fake cannon plug for wiring in case someone wants to mount something in the hollow interior and wire it externally.






I'm going to probably design some scopes to fit on the picatinny rails of the M2.

Wow, are you an engineer Taz? Incredible details into those renderings:cool::cool:

No, not an engineer. I was always curious about the the inner workings of things and how they went together. When I was a child my parents stopped buying me toys because I would take them all apart to figure out how they worked. Later on I started making my own toys and it hasn't stopped.

No, not an engineer. I was always curious about the the inner workings of things and how they went together. When I was a child my parents stopped buying me toys because I would take them all apart to figure out how they worked. Later on I started making my own toys and it hasn't stopped.

Likewise man, I was also trying to undo things to see the parts (later on, the greeblies:p)
Back to the RSB-80, there is a cylindrical part around the front sight area. No clear picture shows exactly where, but from what I see it is forward of the front sight and covers the rear part of the barrel support.



Good stuff...seems that there's another ring in front of your piece...or is it the strap?:unsure:

That could be the end of the barrel support...the thing with all the holes in it.

I also see some kind of plate, or support right under Columbu's right hand. It could be a plate strapped to his forearm.

But it's all interpretation in those photos. Others might see different.

I think Joberg was referring to this..

Oh, now I see.
Every time I look at the photos I see different things. I am trying to correlate a happy balance to what the Terminator Wiki page depicts it, and what is seen actually on the fast sequences on film/video....thinking that the Wiki page has some more insider knowledge.

I bet James Cameron never thought that this film would have fans taking scenes apart frame by frame to get an accurate perspective on that weapon. I bet, it was just cobbled together with spare plastic or metal pieces that the director knew would look good on film, but if photographed for historical purposes, in regular lighting, it would look terrible. There is one scene that when the vehicle that the gun is mounted to, flips over and you can just see the barrel breaking off. I can't see that they did that to a weapons signed out from the prop department. But perhaps they did.

Kurt Russel destroyed a priceless guitar thinking it was a fake.

The Surefire Hellfighter, is not normally mounted on a M2 that is on a tripod, but I needed to display it that way to show you the photos. I'm still not finished printing out the parts for the SH, but I don't have much to go.

The M88 Mount which holds the light, is amazingly sturdy due to the way parts were segmented for printing and of course the orientation of how the parts were printed, in addition to pins in all parts for gluing things together in the proper orientation, but those pins also add to the strength.

One of the problems, that is obvious in the last photo, is the carry handle of the spotlight. I printed out the 'C' shaped frame for the spotlight vertically. The thin carry handle broke off after a light drop onto the floor, at the layer, and of course a weak spot. I repaired the break with some brass pins and I will see how long my fix lasts. Subsequently I segmented the 'C' frame into 3 pieces in my 3d program so when I print it out again, it will be much stronger.

The barrel support that I printed out, is not the proper one to accommodate the M88 mount (I designed several styles), but the 'setscrews' (x6) do hold it in place well. It will be a pain to sand, because of the grooves so I'm thinking of painting on some photopolymer resin to fill in the grooves after I sand down it down.


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