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We might as well get this going...

I designed the James McGill matchbook, and tried making it the same as the BB matchbooks I had previously made, but my printer isn't handling the dark colors so great...

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If you ever get this ironed out I might need some from you. Have you looked into getting them professionally printed?
In honor of a new episode tonight, here's a freebie for everyone. The check he received in episode 1 from the court:

mcgill check.jpg


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    mcgill check.jpg
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there hasn't been much in the way of props so far in the show......

although i could take a picture of some cucumbers in a water cooler!

Here is my first BCS prop, I didn't think I was going to be able to afford it, but I figured what the heck and splurged anyways. And so I present Saul's voice changer!View attachment 445067

that one is a really easy prop from BCS, but just let me show some things I noticed

- the blue elastic seems one of those used to hold hair (
- the paper is more like a butter paper used for drawings ( paper A3 A4.jpg)
- the paper towel tube have a glue mark in the middle

montage voice changer BCS.jpg
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First post ever! :)

So i started reconstructing the newspaper from episode 4 & 5 but i've hit a few snags. Mainly that i cant find the right god damned font for the 'ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL' or METRO & NEW MEXICO' headers and that i kind of want the stock images for the page. Apart from that its all perfect, including exact fonts. Ill put in the full articles when i have money in my bank account and then i'll go print it off at a office supply shop so i can get it the proper size and then stick it onto the front of a broadsheet newspaper and make it look legit. Anyways here it is so far, hope you guys like it. Also wtf is that & in the metro new mexico title. I cannot find it anywhere! the closest i can actually find is papyrus so i had to make my own temp one. :/

Anyways here it is :)


I spotted that mofo of a font on top of the car park booth as well :/
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I've made the Cinnabon Tag too.

If you want to print, the approximate size is 10 x 5 centimeters

black tag - by SlyferBR.png


and the .PDF's



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