Better Call Saul Props


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From episode 7



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So, Season 2 has offered some interesting prop prospects...

New design of Zafiro Anejo (which I wasn't crazy about, or any of the "easter eggs" for that matter)

From season 1 - Marco's ring (which also qualifies as a Breaking Bad prop). Really would love to have this if anyone can track down a source: Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 2.59.03 PM (2).png


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Anyone know what order the pages should be in from Detective Abbasi's notepad ? The Amc website removed the link to the notepad pages so thanks Olde Saultie for posting them here but I'm not sure of the order...


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Found the boxing gloves pendant. Unfortunately it's no longer listed on their website.


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This thread's been quiet way too long...

I recently acquired the tape recorder Chuck uses at the end of season 2 (they're pretty abundant on ebay). Still trying to find a source for Tuco's boxing gloves, even if it's just a cheapo knockoff.

But what I'd really like is to find a place that makes the yellow tumbler travel cup Kim gives Jimmy that reads "world's 2nd best lawyer". The only place I have found thus far that offers the correct style of cup that you can put your own design on Cafepress, but they only have white - no yellow. All of the current replicas available out there are not the right style of cup.
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I have the king of all Saul props (imo)
The sodomized severed head prop used in season 1 episode 1 entitled (Uno)

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How do I upload pictures?

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