Best Exactra bubble strip replica?

Davy Jones

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I realize this my be a loaded question but there seems to be many replicas out there and I remember a few from years ago that were incorrect.
I'm building a Luke ANH and would like the saber experts to direct me to which replica ( in their opinion) is the closest to the original item.


Drew Baker

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Two photos I should have included earlier (unless this sort of thing is frowned upon?):

1 - The strips side by side. Rebel Scum on the left, eBay on the right. I confess, I hadn't compared them before. The difference is bigger than I thought.

2 - An eBay strip in my ANH, with the sides beveled to go under the clamp while keeping the base of the bubbles flush with the front of the clamp.

_SDI6059.JPG _SDI6061.JPG
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In my opinion the one from ebay is also the best. I haven't had a rebelscum version in my hand though but they are crazy expensive

Ridire Firean

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Huh. Based on the photos on each site, I had guessed it backwards.

Thank you for the update!

It's interesting how the propsplus (ebay store) photos on their sale page have a similar flaw to a bubble strip I received from Roman a ways back. He was kind enough to send me a much nicer replacement.

One of these days I'll have to compare it to the one in my Ti-Exactra 19.


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I tried using the EBay bubble strip but they are just too flexible and bend too easily when you just pinch it down with the lever in the clamp like it originally was. I mean it looks straight but when you take it out it was bent in a couple of spots.


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I think it's because he sells them very soon after he made them.
I saw same issue on one ordered for a friend.
I think you can keep it in the dark, maybe for one month, to avoid it to get yellowish, and it will dry and get completely hard.
I saw it on clear resin specifications when I tried to make some, that was so hard to make I gave up.