Ben Affleck Batsuit HELP!!!


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I just joined the site! I've been visiting on and off since I can remember and realized I'm not a member, so I decided to officially join! I need some help on how I could go about building Ben Affeck's Batsuit in the highly anticipated BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE! I've never done a costume from scratch before, so I'm even open to commission someone to build an accurate as possible replica suit. Any suggestions on materials or anything is welcomed...


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Hi BVJ and welcome to the RPF :thumbsup
With the searchbar top left on the main page,you will be able to find the info you seek.There's at least one thread ongoing for a Batman suit from the new movie.
Good luck !


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Thanks. If it helps we're doing the gauntlets in a bit too, for the cowl you'll have to take a look in the Junkyard, there are a couple available right now, and I know Reaton89 is sculpting one that looks fantastic too. The cape nobody has tackled it yet that I know of, but a heavily textured leather or faux leather cape should do the trick. Nobody has the exact pattern yet, so the standard semi-circle pattern with scalloped apparently should do nicely. And for the body suit, the only options right now are dyesub suits, basically spandex jumpsuit printed with the pattern. There are a few available in the junkyard too. If you want to add accuracy to one of these, you can go over the patterns with puffy paint to give it a 3D texture. Hope it helps !
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