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Just got back from Wyntercon X and thought its probably about time to post my 2022 The Batman Batsuit.

This has been a labour of love a majority if this year. My apologies for the story attached, owning a batsuit has been a childhood dream finally accomplished.

When disaster struck 1 month before my kids first coming con (birthday treat) and I damaged my spiderman suit beyond repair. I frantically shopped around for another suit and in my search found kurono1408 Batman suit for sale. I already had B cast of axis replicas cowl. So I thought why not I have tried an failed to put together a bat suit for the last decade.

I got a cape from sewcool creations, some rubies gauntlets and used my daredevil boots. There was quite bit of work to do in that month, nothing was mounted, the belt just wasn't right and cape was the wrong style. I set about sewing pleats I to the cape and sewing the cape to the rubber collar. I attached the shoulders and chest so they went on like american football pads, had a friend 3D print some pieces and made the others side of the gauntlets.

I knew after the con that I wanted to make alot of changes. You can see it on the right below.

First thing that had to go was the belt, it was too small and just didn't look right (almost all of it was made by myself with leather and foam) I kept the 3D printed bombs and holster but that it, got multiverse replicas buckel, Makfest triangle, protec phone pouch, sailfrads mag pouch and a mag lite holder that I modified. (Theres also 2 large inaccurate pouches behind the cape to make cons easier).

I got an upgraded cowl from Axis replicas (thing of beauty, looks like it jumped of the screen and fits me perfectly).

I purchased abs prints of the gauntlets, chest, shoulders and biceps. The biceps where too big to work so I kept the foam ones from my original suit (albeit after modifying the fit and replacing the fidlocks) I painted and wrapped the armour (couldn't find a perfect match for my suit but blended it with the weathering). I believe the grappels are designed to be retractable with some work but I made then static for now).

I adjusted the fit of the suit as it was too long, installed velcro, snaps and clips everywhere for all the armour (there is an inner harness that hides under the suit, this takes the weight of my cape and armour to avoid and sagging).

I reshaped the cape, it is probably a little short now but looks far closer to what is seen on screen.

Got some kaz 03s, added some leather straps over the gloves.

I also just got an upgraded wrist communicator.

Below are some pics from the con (met a few other Bats and my wife caught us unintentionally doing the batman meme) there's also my kids as Batman and Riddler, my wifes Harley quinn which i made for her.

There an edit of myself attempting to mimic the poster and my suit on display.




The colour difference is definitely alot more noticeable in natural light. I'm hoping to upgrade to urethane armour and potentially LFV for the undersuit, gaiters and cape.


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