BD-1 from Jedi: Fallen Order build


New Member
Hey, I really like bd-1 and was wondering if the 3d model for the parts was available?

Hi Darcross- I'd be willing to sell my 3d model to you, but as I'm sure you can understand I spent a huge amount of time referencing/modelling it, so I'm not really looking to give it away for free! However, there is a free model on Thingiverse which I believe is also pretty accurate - BD-1 (Star Wars - Jedi Fallen Order) by surfinbird132


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Would you sell this as a kit? I’d love one!
I was originally planning on selling finished statues and raw kits, but I've decided to just go with the finished statues now sorry! The work involved in just getting all the pieces made and ready is pretty long and tedious, and I feel like just selling kits would take a bit of the joy out of making them.

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