jedi fallen order

  1. HotSauceChrmn

    Cal Kestis Hyper Shell Poncho

    What do you guys think the best material(s) to make this with would be? I'm hoping to use it as a functional poncho, so I'm looking for waterproof/rainwear type stuff. I've alread tried ripstop nylon, but it was way too thin and transparent. If anyone has any recommendations, or has made a...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Fallen Order Lightsaber

  3. TheForgeProps

    Second Sister lightsaber build

    Hey everyone! I'm starting a build thread for a second sister lightsaber build I'm embarking on. Absolutely love this design, so I decided I need to have one! I'm going to be making a prototype first with my printers, and if it works I'll then use the patterns to get the blades CNCd in...
  4. TheForgeProps

    BD-1 from Jedi: Fallen Order build

    Hi everybody, First time posting here, throwing myself into a pretty ambitious build so thought I'd document my journey! I'm making a full scale BD-1 from Jedi: Fallen Order, hopefully with working lit back panel and articulated joints. I'll start by posting up my 3d model - this has been...
  5. madebyap

    Building BD-1 from Jedi Fallen Order

    Hi everyone! Kinda new, kinda not. I've been floating around the forum for a few years and last year I started documenting my builds, so have since created a new account and well, here I am! I wanted to post my journey of building BD-1 from Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. I'm using the Michael...
  6. castpixel

    BD-1 from Jedi Fallen Order screen-accurate build by castpixel

    Hi again, all! I'm starting another seemingly impossible project, a shoulder-puppet version of BD-1 the adorable droid from the Jedi Fallen Order game. My first step was to rip the game file (downloadable from my dropbox . Huge thanks to Gildor and his UE viewer). The first bit of good news...
  7. Jake Kassnoff

    BD-1 Droid Jedi Fallen Order

    I'm making a BD-1 Droid from Jedi Fallen Order and documenting the build process:
  8. PufffNStufff

    Jedi Fallen Order Lightsaber Build

    Watching the Official Game Trailer for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order LIVE from Star Wars Celebration Chicago got me so inspired!!! With this inspiration, I have begun the planning stages of building the lightsaber in the teaser poster and in the trailer itself. I drew this quick sketch while...