Barney Fife Deputy Hat

I am thinking about getting this..
The Armory - M1873 Antique Grey Black Grip Replica Revolver



Also. A few parts for my belt arrived.. including handcuffs
I've been watching episodes of the Andy Griffith show today and noticed that he wears a watch on his left arm and barney's patch is identical to andy's. They both say sheriff on them.
The link you posted is to a replica of a Colt Single Action Army replica. that is not the correct gun.

The type of gun belt you are looking for is called a "safety-speed". You can find them on ebay cheap. That small rectangular pouch you have is a glove pouch. Where modern police officers keep latex gloves they wear when dealing with "less then clean people."

No one in Mayberry has any diseases. So little use for such a precaution. :lol

Here is the patch.

I opted to use a patch that says Deputy to make it easier for people to recognize me as barney even though Barney's patch actually says sheriff on the show.
So, I realize that I'm coming to this thread about two years too late, but I'm in the process of putting together my own Barney Fife uniform (recently put together a pretty good facsimile of the "ol' salt and pepper" suit, and thought I'd do the whole deputy outfit for Halloween.

I'm having trouble locating anyone who sells the had badge. Does anyone know of a place that still sells them?

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