Bandai release schedule


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From that video, it is plain to see that you probably want to get a chrome pen or some kind of reflective paint to make the Crest look more presentable. Either that, or buy the more expensive chromed version of the RC.



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When is the REVEL Razor Crest supposed to come out ? Sometime August ?
I've read October 2021, price point somewhere between $60 - $80.

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do you have a shot of it alongside the 1/350 Falcon?

Really gives a sense of how ludicrously huge the Razor Crest's engines are. :) Especially since there are no obvious fuel tanks, like on all Star Wars vehicles...


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Target has the RC and Mando (non plated versions) on their website now. Free shipping if you have a Red Card. I just ordered mine and should have it this weekend. :)

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