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I was recently given a 1/72 TIE Interceptor that was missing:
- the top hatch of the cockpit
- the clear plastic inserts for front "windscreen" and top hatch
- the cannon tips on left wing
Oddly it had the death star base but not the bar that connects the TIE to the base.
It was also missing waterslides & decals but I can paint those details.

Basically, a friend has a young son who was given the ship for Xmas, built it hastily, and was completely uninterested afterward.
Luckily, he didn't use cement so I was able to disassemble and properly sand down nubs where he cut parts from the sprue.

His mom knew I was into models, and brought the poor guy to me so it could find a home with some love.
(I did offer to help him, she was grateful but said he really didn't have the patience for building models so I didn't push the issue).

I can attempt molding the 2 cannons, and scratch build if that fails but the top hatch is the problem.
I don't have another 1/72 TIE so I have nothing to make a cast for the hatch from.

Does anyone know of a source that sells casted or printed parts?

And if anyone has tips on making the clear parts it would be greatly appreciated.

I've built a few Bandai X-wings and I always insert the clear part into the canopy..I know it restricts view of pilot and instrument panel, but I never liked the look without it.
(Now I'm curious what the ratio is of builders who do/don't use the clear


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Edited to add the direct source:
You can do it here if the purchase was made less than 90 days ago:

Well, Revell has a missing parts program in EU at least. Since they distribute the same Bandai kit (boxes don't even say Revell) I'd imagine they'd send out parts if contacted. You fill in the needed info on the page with parts numbers etc and sooner or later a package arrives with said parts. Can't say for sure if it's restricted to Europe only or not. You'd have to check on (you can choose English from a dropdown menu).
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