Back to the Future Guess Marciano Denim Jacket Replica


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This thread will document my newest project. I am attempting to create a really decent replica of the Marty McFly denim jacket. As many people know, Guess were the creators of it back then. The hardest thing to replicate for this jacket is the fabric. It's an extremely specific type of denim that has a high stiffness and weight for clothing and the fading technique has not been replicated correctly even by Headgoonie. I have researched an extravagant amount and have been piecing together a collection of genuine jackets for their fabric and completed sections to use for this replica. They are not an exact match to the movie jacket. I'd say they are about 90% there. I will explain below on each picture. I still need to purchase a jacket for the blue fabric, but everything else I have.

This jacket will be used for the arms and waistband. Modifications are needed, but they are a good baseline and don't require multiple pieces being sewn together to be long enough.

This jacket will be used for the front torso pieces and pockets.

This vest will be used for the back piece.

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I am in contact with an owner of a genuine jacket in the blue/leather variation and have been getting measurements from him. From what he has told me about how it fits and the placement of the snaps it is a size Small. My list of measurements is not complete yet. Waiting on dimensions of the pockets, waistband, parts of the front torso area, and back piece.


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The problem with this jacket that every replica maker has made is the fabric. My method isn't perfect by any means but at least it will have the right color dye and a similar fade style. The jacket in the movie has a distinct fading style where you can see vertical lines going down. My fabric doesn't have that unfortunately, but it is the same type of fabric and color. Some Guess products do have that fading style but it doesn't supply nearly enough fabric with how big those sections of fabric are.

On another note I have my eyes on a blue jacket for the shoulders and pockets flaps.
So the second jacket in my original post ended up having too drastic of a difference in the dye color so I will be reselling it and I need to be on the lookout for another jacket with red leather to be able to make the front torso pieces.
This Thursday I am meeting up with my friend who owns the jacket to confirm some measurements and compare it to my recently acquired vest. Once I have all of the info I need I will compile everything into detailed notes for Magnoli Clothiers. The plan is to send them all of my fabric, notes, and even my vest to make the most accurate replica possible. They will just be using it for reference and measurment checks. It will not be dismantled.
I realize the waistband is upside down lol. But this is a very rough outline of the placement of things. Getting the blue fabric tomorrow and will receive the second jacket within the week to be able to make the top torso parts, collar, and cuff pieces.
Interesting find today. The arms from my genuine Guess jacket are the same length as my HG replica. So these arms need to be cut down for the cuffs to be added. I will not be doing any cutting or sewing myself. That will be left to a professional. This will be noted for when it is in the hands of Magnoli Clothiers.
Met with my friend today. Got some good measurements. The jacket he owns is pretty small even for me and I'm 5'5. I believe his jacket is a size 16 and my vest is an 18. The movie jacket is believed to be an 18 as well. The vest below in the right colors is a size 20. The length of his jacket is about the same as my vest but it fit too tight for my liking and the sleeves were too short. Some measurements might just need to have good estimates for it to fit the way I want it to. I took a couple photos when I visited him.
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Looking really good so far, great to see concerns about the look and weight of the denim being addressed here. Considering this is genuine Guess denim it should end up looking really accurate! The fading and weight of the denim is biggest factor in making it look legit.

On an unrelated note, the unwashed dark grey denim underneath the red leather actually looks really cool against the main grey. If I find one of those Marciano jackets with a grey base and red leather shoulders, I'll definitely be ripping the leather off and sporting the darker grey instead.
I've purchased another jacket with a blue I believe to be the right shade. My second red leather jacket is being delivered today so I will take it apart tonight.
My second jacket arrived yesterday and I am in the process of taking it apart. I am using each back piece I have to make the two sides of the upper torso. Each back piece will also give me enough fabric for one pocket so this gives me enough fabric in total to make complete the body.
First draft of the instructions has been sent in for review. A couple things need confirmation for it to be complete, but I will be getting feedback in case I need to clarify certain things or explain things I might have missed.
So the new jacket I got for the blue fabric is actually much too light. To not continuously spend money on incorrect fabrics I am going to go ahead and use the slightly darker fabric. I may try to soak it in water with a TINY bit of bleach. Still debating that.
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I should have a revision of the notes some time next week. I already have some changes I need to make and awaiting feedback.
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This will be used for the collar. This blue piece is oversized so ill have enough blue/grey fabric when it's ready to be cut and sewn.
I have found the brand of snaps these original Guess products used. They are not a 100% match as they have been updated since the 1980's but they will be a great addition this project. The website they are from even lists the tools necessary to install them. I have forwarded links to all of this to Magnoli Clothiers. I'll be buying the snaps myself and I proposed Magnoli perhaps buy the tools to benefit not only this project, but their currently available jackets as well.

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