1. FabiKurz

    1:2 Mr Fusion home-made replica

    Hi! Here goes another project: a half size Mr Fusion home-made replica I hope you enjoy it. Greetings, FabiKurz.
  2. astrothug

    Doc emmett Brown notebook prop

    Hi was wondering if anyone has made or seen Doc emmett Brown notebook prop, would like to make one or buy one for my collection. maybe this thread could be used to post images or ideas thanks so much...
  3. RVLF

    WIP - BTTF - Nike Air Mag Project

    Hi every Mag Fan ! I'm not sure if this project will be finished one day but, I've started to design my own Mags ^^ I'm going to make some modifications on the design from time to time... • Here is the First look :
  4. BTTF 1955 Doctor Emmett Brown

    BTTF 1955 Doctor Emmett Brown

    1955 Doc Brown with Brain Wave Analyzer. Complete with head wound from failing off the toilet which then leaded to him inventing the flux capacitor. In 1955 when Marty is stranded in the past he arrives as Docs House and is greeted by 1955 Doc, who then proceeds to try and read his mind to...