1. ageowns

    Looking for the style of cowboy hat Marty wore in BTTF III

    I'm going to a dude ranch this summer and wanted to buy a cowboy hat. I will be visiting Western Apparel stores and wanted a hat that closely resembles Marty's hat (as Clint Eastwood) in Back to the Future III For those of you who know your hat styles, what style of hat is this called that I...
  2. shinzo

    BTTF 3 Marty McFly 1885 Poncho

    Hello! :) The last months I was working on my "Back to the Future III" Marty McFly costume. My boyfriend modellbaubert was working on his Doc Brown and our friend derYoshi was working on his Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen costume. These costumes have been on our to-do list for years. It started...
  3. Coinprop

    BTTF 2 Docs binoculars build

    So I have had this project going on for a while, I started a few years ago but never finished, real life came in the way! ;) But I found it in my studio and I just have to finish it now. So I thought that I could do a build thread here, and maybe the build will inspire to someone. We all love...
  4. jholt

    Joshua Vides BTTF Hoverboard

    Super stoked about this piece that Joshua Vides released yesterday! Low run, hand signed and numbered. Can't wait for it to arrive.
  5. TerranCmdr

    Doc Brown's Brain Wave Analyzer

    Hello! I shot a lot of video of the building of this and will be editing it together, but I wanted to post a build log to show it off just because I'm really happy with it. So this is Doc Brown's Brain Wave Analyzer, as seen in BTTF when Marty first meets past-doc. (This is an image of the...
  6. wdtenney

    Another flux capacitor build...

    " The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style? " - Doc Brown A little bit of background first. Nearly every weekend before Covid-19 came along you could find me sitting in a TV production truck outside some sports venue or another working the...
  7. L

    Australian BTTF Pepsi Perfect bottle

    Hey! I have been trying to find an answer to this question but haven’t had much luck. Is the Australian Pepsi perfect bottle that was released in 2015 at the V8 Supercars event the same as the Argentina version? Here’s a link to the event they were handed out...
  8. ElectroP0PPY

    Want to Buy Mark Poon Nike Mag Replicas

    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone would want to sell me their Mark Poon Nike Air Mag replicas at a decent price, I don’t have that much money but I’m willing to try and negotiate a price that is good for the both of users. I think the shoes have a lot of charm and would be great for modifications...
  9. ElectroP0PPY

    Back to the Future Nike Mag distributer?

    Hi, I’m wondering where people get their Nike Mag replicas. I’ve heard that ElectroKickz distributes then via instagram, apparently he removed them from his website (which seems pretty shady). I’m wondering if I should try hunting down a Chinese distributor or buy the Universal pair and try to...
  10. Mrfusion115

    Back To The Future Replica Prop Builds.

    Hi guys, hope you are all doing well during these strange times-and keeping busy- building! So I’m still relatively new to prop making, and new to the RPF. This is my first post! For me, building started around two years ago, I had been watching Adam Savage’s online show and thought, I’m gonna...
  11. FabiKurz

    1:2 Mr Fusion home-made replica

    Hi! Here goes another project: a half size Mr Fusion home-made replica I hope you enjoy it. Greetings, FabiKurz.
  12. astrothug

    Doc emmett Brown notebook prop

    Hi was wondering if anyone has made or seen Doc emmett Brown notebook prop, would like to make one or buy one for my collection. maybe this thread could be used to post images or ideas thanks so much...
  13. RVLF

    FINISHED (see pg 21) WIP - BTTF - Nike Air Mag

    Hi every Mag Fan ! I'm not sure if this project will be finished one day but, I've started to design my own Mags ^^ I'm going to make some modifications on the design from time to time... • Here is the First look :
  14. BTTF 1955 Doctor Emmett Brown

    BTTF 1955 Doctor Emmett Brown

    1955 Doc Brown with Brain Wave Analyzer. Complete with head wound from failing off the toilet which then leaded to him inventing the flux capacitor. In 1955 when Marty is stranded in the past he arrives as Docs House and is greeted by 1955 Doc, who then proceeds to try and read his mind to...