marty mcfly

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  1. Roland

    SOLD!!! - "Back to the Future" - Doc's alarm clock from "Kiple", same as "Bulova"

    SOLD!!! This listing is for a small copper alarm clock, same as the one that was used in "Back to the Future" by Doc Brown. Only difference: The brand of the one in the movie is "Bulova" and this one in my listing is a "Kiple". "Bulova" is an US company and "Kiple" is French. But both clocks...
  2. B

    Done Max Cady or Headgoonie Denim Jacket

    Hi everyone, I know this is likely to a long shot but I'm very interested in buying either a pre-2020 Max Cady Marty Mcfly Denim Jacket replica or a Headgoonie Time Traveller Mcfly Denim Jacket replica in Size SMALL. Unfortunately I don't have any to trade but am willing to pay a fair price...
  3. BrianLinek

    Marty's room photos help

    A long time ago I remember seeing set photos of Marty McFly's room, angles not shown in the movie, I can't find them anywhere, I seem to remember seeing them on the german fansite but I couldn't locate them again. Does anyone have these pics? It was maybe like 5 or 6 photos of various...
  4. JasonMcFly

    Back to the future hero hoverboard

    There used to be a guy that sold a damn good Hero Hoverboard on Etsy but he no longer is selling on there. Anyone with one or selling one I am interested! Looking for one with the lenticular design as seen in the picture attached.
  5. JackTheRipper

    BTTF Madrid Valterra Skateboard

    Hi, everyone! I just finished sanding my self made board. Thanks to the forums here I already found the decals for the top of the skateboard deck, but I can’t find the so called vector files for the bottom. Maybe anyone can help? Thanks a lot in advance!! Here are some photos of my progress...
  6. Tenaciousbt

    Help- Back the Future Doc's Amplifier

    Hello all. I'm attempting to replicate the control panel on Doc's Amplifier. I've identified several of the components. Some are easy to find but pricey. Others are difficult to find. I was hoping, some of you would be willing to help me with my search. I'm sharing pics and descriptions of what...

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