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  1. ageowns

    Looking for the style of cowboy hat Marty wore in BTTF III

    I'm going to a dude ranch this summer and wanted to buy a cowboy hat. I will be visiting Western Apparel stores and wanted a hat that closely resembles Marty's hat (as Clint Eastwood) in Back to the Future III For those of you who know your hat styles, what style of hat is this called that I...
  2. MrFusion

    Limited Run Back To The Future Marty McFly 2015 Hover Board Run.

    Hi and thanks for looking. There ready. These are completely custom made. Years of research and dedication have been poured into each one. The dimensions are taken from hundreds of reference pictures from original screen used boards. They have the correct lenticular top and bottoms, a velcro...
  3. MitasTouch

    Head Goonie Back to the Future Denim Jacket (2021)

    So this thread is dedicated to the new 2021 Head Goonie BTTF denim jacket. Feel free to post any thoughts, ideas, or pictures of this jacket. Right now I'd like to start of by saying I will be fading the main parts of this new jacket to be more accurate. Unfortunately they made this part of it...
  4. 13doctorwho

    Eaglemoss DeLorean Question

    I wanted to reach out to the community to see what people think of the Eaglemoss Delorean. I am assembling one for a friend and I am having all kinds of problems. The tiny screws won't drive into the the metal. My guess is that when the coat it after threading the clog up the wholes. I'm only on...
  5. DB537

    BTTF - Gambling Legalized / Space Zombie Newspapers - From 2011-2012 Runs

    I have been going through some items that were in storage, and I found a few extra newspapers from my old runs here, which I had thought were sold out long ago. I have 8 copies of the alternate Otis Peabody 'Space Zombie' newspaper, from the very first run of BTTF newspapers that I offered...
  6. DB537

    Limited Run BTTF II - 2 George McFly Hill Valley Telegraph Newspapers - $20 now through Oct. 26 ONLY!

    My BTTF 2 George McFly Hill Valley Telegraph newspaper set is on sale for $20.00. This is a ONE-TIME-ONLY Sale, now through Oct. 26, 2021! Regular price is $24.95. Etsy: Back to the Future Part II Set of 2 George McFly | Etsy eBay: Back to the Future - Hill Valley Telegraph George McFly...
  7. C

    Flux Capacitor Build

    Hello, I’ve been gone for a few years. Got married, changed careers and the whole 9 yards. Over the quarantine period, I built a mancave and decided that it definitely needed a Flux C. my zone is dripping with LED lights and I actually didn’t want my FC moving all the time. So now, it’s a major...
  8. marusawa78

    Marty McFly Shah Safari shirt size M

    Hi. I'm looking for a Marty McFly Shah Safari "Future Edition" size M for sale or trade. I own an L sized version, but it runs too large on me. Brand new. I only tried it once.
  9. Camturner26

    Want to Buy The Hundreds Marty Mcfly jacket swap

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has a small ‘The Hundred’ jacket they’d be looking to swap for a medium. I bought the medium directly from The Hundreds store during their second release and I quickly found out I needed a small. The jacket’s been worn once for size and it’s been hung up since.
  10. Marty Mcfly Jr

    Want to Buy Marty mcfly headgoonie jacket

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, I made this post because I am looking to buy the headgoonie jacket from marty mcfly size M or L, I will pay even more than what it originally cost along with the shipping I am from Peru by the way
  11. TerranCmdr

    Doc Brown's Brain Wave Analyzer

    Hello! I shot a lot of video of the building of this and will be editing it together, but I wanted to post a build log to show it off just because I'm really happy with it. So this is Doc Brown's Brain Wave Analyzer, as seen in BTTF when Marty first meets past-doc. (This is an image of the...
  12. NostromoCrew

    RIP Ron Cobb 1937-2020

    Ron Cobb (1937 - September 21, 2020) was an American-Australian cartoonist, artist, writer, film designer, and film director.
  13. Sybernettik

    Want to Buy Flux Capacitor Replica

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking for a flux capacitor replica, preferably full scale. If anyone knows where I can find a really high quality one made from somewhat accurate parts that would be great. Thank you very much! :D
  14. Mrfusion115

    Back To The Future II Pleasure Paradise Biff’s Matchbook Display

    Wanted one of these in my collection for a while, and couldn’t find one to buy- so was left with only one option!! After a little research I found and used the same model Volvo hubcap as seen on screen as the base. Painted gold, filled the top, made the star, made the edging ‘leaves’, some small...
  15. B

    Done Max Cady or Headgoonie Denim Jacket

    Hi everyone, I know this is likely to a long shot but I'm very interested in buying either a pre-2020 Max Cady Marty Mcfly Denim Jacket replica or a Headgoonie Time Traveller Mcfly Denim Jacket replica in Size SMALL. Unfortunately I don't have any to trade but am willing to pay a fair price...
  16. MattgomeryBurns

    Advice for Printing on Static Cling Vinyl - Back to the Future Project

    Have any of you printed custom decals on static cling vinyl, either professionally or on your home printer? Looking for advice, tips, or pointers. I finally have a pair of screen accurate Doc Brown stopwatches. Well, almost screen accurate. They're the same models, but the ones used in the...
  17. J

    Turning My DeLorean into a Time Machine

    Almost done with the interior of the DeLorean time machine conversion. Aiming for as close to screen accurate as possible to the 'A' car. Here is the latest video where I install the gold heatinks into the car.
  18. MattgomeryBurns

    Hi Res Back to the Future Trilogy Reference Photos

    Reddit user YourAmazingNeighbor put these original photos through an AI upscaling software, and with his permission I'm sharing them here. Some results are great while other details leave an unnatural smoothness to skin and fabric. But overall they serve as a great reference for some images we...
  19. Mrfusion115

    Back To The Future Replica Prop Builds.

    Hi guys, hope you are all doing well during these strange times-and keeping busy- building! So I’m still relatively new to prop making, and new to the RPF. This is my first post! For me, building started around two years ago, I had been watching Adam Savage’s online show and thought, I’m gonna...
  20. BrianLinek

    Marty's room photos help

    A long time ago I remember seeing set photos of Marty McFly's room, angles not shown in the movie, I can't find them anywhere, I seem to remember seeing them on the german fansite but I couldn't locate them again. Does anyone have these pics? It was maybe like 5 or 6 photos of various...
  21. Nanotyrannus

    Screen used Plutonium from Back to the Future

    I have one of the original screen used Plutonium Canister used in the beloved film Back to the Future. I bought this from the 2015 Prop Store auction 4 years ago. I’m sure many Back to the Future fans from this site have already seen this on the Prop Store website. But I wanted to post this...
  22. DB537

    Screen-Accurate BTTF OUTATIME Plate from the Original Prop Maker

    This Back to the Future OUTATIME California license plate was made by the same prop house that did the original plates for the movie in 1985. I'm getting ready to do a group order and have a listing in the Project Runs section if you're interested in getting one for your own collection. BTTF...
  23. DB537

    Back to the Future - OUTATIME Plates from Original Maker

    This thread is for interest in a possible group order of screen-accurate BTTF 'OUTATIME' license plates. See the photo below for a sample of the finished prop. These are full size 12" x 6" US size license plates. The blanks will be another type, with...
  24. JasonMcFly

    Back to the future hero hoverboard

    There used to be a guy that sold a damn good Hero Hoverboard on Etsy but he no longer is selling on there. Anyone with one or selling one I am interested! Looking for one with the lenticular design as seen in the picture attached.
  25. Documentary Flying Luxor Cab : A DS in the Future

    Documentary Flying Luxor Cab : A DS in the Future

    A documentary about a magnificent Citroen DS as seen in Back to The Future 2. The video was made by 'a production' around a decade ago when the...