back to the future

  1. MattgomeryBurns

    Air MAG V3 replacement soles

    Up for sale are a set of Air MAG V3 replacement soles made by cavx. These were meant for my size 12 shoes but I don't plan on swapping my soles myself. I'm not sure what range of sizes these will fit. It appears that the inner wings for the right shoe were missing from this set when I received...
  2. MattgomeryBurns

    Doc Brown Gremlins notepad replica

    If you're into Back to the Future and into obscure props, here's one for you - a replica of the Gremlins notepad that Doc Brown keeps in the pocket of his radiation suit. This is a rare replica I've never seen for sale before. $30 includes shipping within the US. Add $10 for international...
  3. MattgomeryBurns

    Pepsi Perfect screen accurate die-cut label

    Made by Roland, I have one left over from his initial 2015 run. These were intended to replace the inaccurate labels of the various Pepsi Perfect releases in 2015 (US, Mexico, & Argentina). This was made just as the screen used labels were, in 3 separate layers, not printed stickers. When...
  4. astrothug

    Doc emmett Brown notebook prop

    Hi was wondering if anyone has made or seen Doc emmett Brown notebook prop, would like to make one or buy one for my collection. maybe this thread could be used to post images or ideas thanks so much...
  5. Markus

    Back to the Future Hoverboard and Charger

    There are so many hoverboard (replicas) out there - how do people charge those?
  6. Back to the Future: Harold Lloyd Clock

    Back to the Future: Harold Lloyd Clock

    A replica of the Harold Lloyd clock that is seen in the opening sequence in Doc's workshop
  7. Back to the Future: Harold Lloyd Clock

    Back to the Future: Harold Lloyd Clock

    A replica of the Harold Lloyd clock that is seen in the opening sequence in Doc's workshop
  8. krispikarim

    Limited Run IOI Headset (Ready Player One)

    Hey guys, I recently did a commission for an IOI headset from the movie Ready Player One, and wanted to gauge interest for these finished sets, pics of the first one I made below: The model I made for these is pretty good but I am currently working on a newer version, which would be much closer...
  9. Vormz

    Hoverboard Battery kits

    Hi, I'm selling some BTTF2 hoverboard battery kits missing on the Halloween Costumes boards only. The kit contains : - 1 purple battery with screws attached - 2 red extension pieces - 2 Mattel decals - 1 black round decals for the handlebar hole Pieces are double side taped and ready to...
  10. ElectroDFW

    Fan Expo Dallas - 2019 - Post your cosplays!

    Didn't see a thread for last weekend's Fan Expo started, so thought I'd take the initiative. Was my most expensive con to date, but given recent developments in the celebrity world (R.I.P. Peter Mayhew) I thought it best to get done what I wanted to accomplish sooner rather than later. My...
  11. Tenaciousbt

    Help- Back the Future Doc's Amplifier

    Hello all. I'm attempting to replicate the control panel on Doc's Amplifier. I've identified several of the components. Some are easy to find but pricey. Others are difficult to find. I was hoping, some of you would be willing to help me with my search. I'm sharing pics and descriptions of what...
  12. S

    Does anyone make a Fuzzy Strap for the Hoverboard?

    I'm not very good craft wise and was wondering if anyone makes the fuzzy strap that goes onto the Hoverboad or if anyone made it where did they get their materials from?
  13. J

    Has anyone tried StockX?

    StockX is an interesting American website that claims to be able to let you bid on whatever shoes you want, in whatever size. It even has the red and white Nike Bruins I've been looking for for my Marty McFly costume. Has anyone actually tried using it before? It almost seems to good to be true...
  14. J

    Max Cady BTTF Vest - Advice needed

    I've been working on a Marty McFly costume for a mere four months, so I'm probably not as experienced as some people on here are/have been. I hope I'm not too late to expect any sort of reply from the experts on this... I recently bought Max Cady's puffer vest from Ebay, but when I got it, it...
  15. DB537

    Limited Run Biff's Matchbooks from Back to the Future II - SHIPPING NOW!

    I am now offering a limited run of Biff's matchbooks from BTTF II. I created a screen accurate version of the artwork about 6 years ago but wasn't able to find the correct matches for a replica. I have finally located a source for the matches. They are the exact size & color. For all...
  16. K

    Want to Buy Orange Hoverboard

    Looking for a prop maker who can make hover boards. Precisely this one from Back to the Future part 2 board only. Pictures attached. I'm able to pay obviously through PayPal. If interested contact me.
  17. Retrograde Orbit

    Great Scott! It’s another Hoverboard build thread...

    Okey dokey, this thread will detail my first attempt at making a 1:1 reproduction of this iconic movie prop... (Actually, my first attempt at scratchbuilding a prop of any kind) Lots of pictures to follow and I will try to be as detailed in my ruminations as I can. :D Just wanted to add that...
  18. DB537

    Back to the Future 'OUTATIME' and 2015 Barcode License Plates

    I just finished working on these new replicas of the OUTATIME and 2015 Barcode DeLorean License Plates from Back to the Future. OUTATIME Plate: It's a real prop plate from some unknown production that had badly damaged paint. I stripped all of the original paint and graphics and repainted it...
  19. Banquo Fett

    Want to Buy JVC GR-C1U Marty McFly camera

    Anyone have a JVC GR-C1U video camera in decent shape that they'd like to sell, PM me.
  20. Indy Magnoli

    Interest BTTF Marty's Denim Jacket & Vest by Magnoli Clothiers (WHITE LABEL UPDATE)

    Some of you may have seen the hints in other threads: We are officially starting the much needed update for our McFly Denim Jacket & Vest, this time under our White Label line to keep costs down and production streamlined. Here are some notes about the plan: We purchased an original 80s Guess...
  21. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run BTTF2 Marty's Holographic Cap by Magnoli Clothiers

    UPDATE: Now available for ORDER: ------------------------- We're in the process of replicating Marty's 2015 Holographic Cap from BTTF: Part 2. Here is our current prototype: We're still working on pricing, but...
  22. SeanMcFly

    McFly Nike Shootout: Blazer vs Cortez

    Okay, so Nike has two incredibly close (albeit for different reasons) sneakers to the '85 bruins: the Blazer Low, and the Basic Cortez. Now, judging by these attached pics, I can say the overall shoe shape and sole pattern are closer on the Blazer Lows, but the Cortez have the swoosh and the...
  23. potentprintable

    Automatically Extending Bat from Back To The Future, Part 2

    I designed and built Griff's automatically extending bat from Back to the Future, Part II. The majority of the bat is 3D printed, but what powers the bat is a gas spring (like in office chairs or hatchback/trunks). Here are some views of the bat: Link to a gif of the bat extending...
  24. SeanMcFly

    Guess Marty McFly Denim Jacket Tag Style Number

    So I'm not entirely sure if this could help us at least figure out the jacket's dimensions, but a photo from a comparison of the tags of Gamester's Mexico-made jacket vs the same patterned U.S. jacket with leather inserts shows a slightly faded but easily enhanced and legible style number on the...
  25. FathomRequiem

    My collection... So far.

    Hello everyone, This is my first post so I figured I'd start by sharing my collection with you. I've been dropping eaves around here for a few years now and finally decided I'd share some pics of what I've gathered so far. Some things were made by members on here, others were found elsewhere...