AVP Armor Templates By VinMan


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Hi Guys quick up-date on foamies armour apart from a slight modification to the part that attaches to belt these are ready for painting after a coat of flat black primer...... Admins if this post needs to be in WIP please move





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these are awesome and I thank you for them. Question... Are you doing the "side and back" of the chest and back Armor? You only have the center chest plate.



This is a good HUNTORIAL, everyone is learning from this like me. wish I can find this Foamy stuff.
Its much easier to work with than PVC sheets which need higher heat and dremel cutting.


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Wow, thank you so much for this.

I was planning to do something like this once upon a time, but never got to it. I'm glad someone took the time.


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The Chest Armor

Sorry for the delay for all of you who are using these templates but I finally have a chest template I think with a little creativity on your behalf you should be able to make work.

This one by far was the most difficult one for me to put together.

Here is a pic of the chest put together and the templates

Notice: After some experimentation it has come to my knowledge that these Chest armor templates are running around 15% or so on the small side
you made need to scale these up. It is always a good idea to do a mock up on posterboard to test fit before you commit to your final material.

thanks, and have fun

Good Luck and have fun!









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WOW! :lol: This is impressive!!! MANY thanks for all the work that went into making these templates. These will go a long way in getting me started! ;)

BTW, has anyone every molding any of these in aluminum or steel? The Mandalore of the mercs group does all his armor from metal and it looks like several of these pieces could be made from basic sheet aluminum, or steel like at Lowe's or HD. Just a thought.

th3 pr3dat0r

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best templates ever!!!!.dang when i get the time i am going to make one of the chest armor pieces and others. are you gonna make lower leg templates?

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Many, many thanks for these, they will help immensely when I start my next set of armor!



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hey vinmanmac

just out of curiosity, how would i print the chest armour onto paper ( a3 a4 )


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This is an excellent thread. I would love to see more of this type of instructive and informative tutorial, as it would save everybody re-inventing the wheel when coming to sizing sculpts etc. It would also allow more interchangeability (is that a word) between say one persons P1 head and someone elses Bio.

Build looking good and good luck with the rest.


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i have been busy trying out these templates

i think they came out not bad, i have done

shoulder armour
belt buckle
groin flap
leg armour

i made it out of a 2mtr by 1mtr piece of foamies that cost £7.99 and i still have half the roll left

Nice armour ya got there djgs but where did ya get foamies that big all i can find is A4 and A3 size sheets from hobbycraft
should look sweet when ya get e'm painted up