AVP Armor Templates By VinMan


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Hey Do-it-Yourself Hunters.

I am working on a series of templates for AVP armor pieces.
Since I am doing the work, might as well make it available to all.

Please take note measurements are only approximate and will vary from person to person.
a dude 5'8" will not want to adjust down a tad. a dude 6'2" will want to adjust up a tad.

Use common sense and try them on to fit.

Here is the first in the series. As I continue the series I will make the others available as well.

Vin Man

here are finished photos of the Shoulder Bells cut with a Dremel from Sintra sign plastic
• primered in black Plastiidip
• painted in silver Rustoleum Hammered Metal spray paint
• washed with gloss latex paint and blotted with a paper towel to age
• lightly rubbed with silver Rub and Buff paste to add dimension to the pitted texture

Hope you like the results!


Shoulder Bell

x 5 pieces


Shoulder Bell Vent Trim


Gauntlet Blades and Toe Dusters


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Sweet VIn Man, what are you using for material, plastic, latex, metal...?

A combo of a few things.

1) I have a few sheets of sintra plastic that when boiled or heated in an oven you can shape really nicely.
2) 5 gallon plastic buckets
3) large diameter PVC pipe

It may be a while before I get to working on them but I am trying to get the templates built so I can knock them out one at a time.

here is another

Front Groin Flap

Here is the next one

But Flap







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Thanks for putting these up. I wasn't planning on useing AVP style armor but trying to design my own and then putting them together wasn't cutting it. I am going to use these and modify them. Thanks Again ;)
That's awesome. I was literally gathering cardboard at work today to start creating templates. Thanks for reading my mind and doing all the work.

I am glad these are starting to become a benefit to those creating their own armor

Here is another

I do not claim to be the end all be all in this matter.
These are so subject to a particular set of screen grabs and any other resource material out there.
I only attempt to the best I can in interpolating these into realistically working templates.

This one was the most difficult yet


Thigh Armor



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I printed out the AVP shoulder armor and started the work on it with foam thanks so much agian for posting this!!!
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