AVP Armor Templates By VinMan

Good stuff man! But you need a little suit for a little preddy I m going to cover leg muscles in silicone....where do you get the morphsuit? I have seen that on google few days ago.
Im 6'1 200 lbs . Bodysuit fits great. My son likes Predator but doesn't want to be a predator. He likes Mega Man. Working on his suit as well. Lights go in today. Got me going crazy. Decided to go with a morph suit . Latex suit is so damm hot. Tying not to pass out and the morph suit is comfortable and its not hot at all. You can got to www.snakepitstudios.com. But its pricey. $425. per suit.

Latex it s very very very hot....i think that i cook myself in the suit when it s finished.....i m waiting for this:
i will cover the muscle shirt in silicone
Yeah you can do that . My first suit i ever did a did a lycra suit and airbrush the suit. It was good but after a while the paint starts to fade.

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