AT-ST Parts

Here are a couple more pics of the different scaled models used. These are from an old Cinefex book.







Thanks Rolando, Those are some cool shots! Looks like my right side "heavy" gun is too damn long! I'll be choppin' that puppy pronto! I've moved from the cabin "head" down to the main gyro "body" now. I should develop some photos of this in a week or so!
In the first pic and the first color pic of the bigger scale model, I think I see a Visible V8 piston rod at the walker's "hips", where the leg meets the body.

I think I see what you're looking at. What scale of car do you suppose this part might've come from?

I am busy detailing the legs right now and making them ready for casting. So far so good. Sorry about the lack of photos but i promise they'll be up soon, courtesy of Rolando.
The chicken is finally coming together! Is anyone else out there building one?I know I've asked this before, but it seems such a lonely quest!

Not sure of the scale, but I'm not referring to a car but a model of the V8 engine, the "Visible V8", a biiig kit by Renwal in the 60s, with the same tooling later released by Revell. Still in production. Parts from it turn up on a lot of ESB props, but this is the first time I've seen one on a model, much less anything in ROTJ. (Assuming I'm correct, of course.)
BLOODY HELL!!!That is F!#%%^$@^?&%#!@#$$%ing Excellent!Superb work&craftsmanship Nathan.I can only hope my projects come out as nice as yur At-St....keep the pics&updates comming-John
Thanks guys! With the right amount of inspiration and proper plans, anything is possible. The biggest problem facing me is making this stand without the armature. I'll be showing more soon. Once again, thanks Rolando for the posting!

Hey Nathan,out of curiosity,did you use the blue prints from "The Art Of Return of the Jedi" to make yur AT-ST,or were you using the Chroinicals more?I seem to remember that book having the blueprints for that minature in there.On a lighter note....if you had prints (with exact dimensions)I could machine a simple non poseable armature for ya from aluminum plate&bar stock.Just thought I'd throw that at ya...keep the good work comming-John
Thanks Jamie and beaz. As for blueprints, John, I used the Art of ROTJ mainly for the cabin, but the legs (especially the middle portion) were far too long which leads me to suspect that this was not the final blueprint. So for the middle portion of the leg, I modified based on the chronicles picture of the lifesize "leg in assembly".
As for the armature, thanks for the offer. I may take you up on your machine skills. there is one piece that continues to be a load bearing problem. If I could just get two made, this bird would stand without an armature, I believe. Failing that, and I will most definately commission it. Please email me for the details!

Is it leaning over cause its top heavy?You may just need something really what stop motion animators use to anchor their puppets to sets when filming...just a threaded stud on the bottom(available at hardware stored) of the foot/feet and have it screwed/bolted down to a base.Yur windo of opportunity for me to machine anything for ya would be until about mid may,I dont have a vertical mill at home,nor do I have a lathe....but I'll have the time to do in in the shop at school.Keep the progress comming
my concern is that the cabin's weight may in time bow the legs which are partially resin. This would truly suck. i did submerge acrylic rod in some of the leg parts and some are entirely acrylic, but i am still a bit worried. I've just epoxied them in a fixed pose and in a few days I'll see if he can wear the big boy pants... Failing that, than it is back to the armature, which isn't a total loss but is a little obtrusive especially the "natural" way I plan on displaying it.

Hey Nathan...well....if I remember right(going back years) acrylic is very rigid,and has'nt much give to it.....urethane resin...should have very little give as well.I dont think that the legs would give unless yur gonna have yur minature baking under hot lights.Was the body&head made of acrylc as well..or styrene sheet?Looks like all styrene.I think that its just a bit top heavy...the head does'nt sit top dead center....slightly its gonna wanna naturally tilt forward.If the rest of the model is made of styrene as it looks it is,I think yur legs will "hold up".Styrene does have a nature to want to "warp" over years as acrylic does'nt...and the only thing that attacks both urethane resins&styrene is sunlight,beceause either are UV resistant.Both will discolor&become brittle from direct light....& styrene will warp horribly.I think(guessing)but I think it will be ok,all you need is something to anchor the feet down on the bottoms of the feet.But Im not sure how heavy the rest of the model is.I think that when you finsh the feet(bottom pads) that if you use a threaded stud&bolt the model down to a should stand up fine,and I dont think the legs will fold under the weight unless the top half is excessively heavy....and if this does'nt work...I think a simple machined armature cast into the legs&mid section(making them entirely resin) will be the best bullet proof way of ensuring that you'll never have to worry about the legs warping or anything like that.
Well he's up and standing! I think all I'll really need is to mount his feet with screws into the base as John mentioned. I think I'll go easy on Rolando's server and wait on photos till the paintjob and diorama base is complete. Thanks to you all for your help on this! This project has served as a major eye-opener for me and will lead me to do other, even more complex scratch projects.

All the best,
Treadwell wrote:
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Parts from it turn up on a lot of ESB props, but this is the first time I've seen one on a model, much less anything in ROTJ. (Assuming I'm correct, of course.)
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Sorry if this is a bit late, or if anyone said something already...
When is the first time you see an AT-ST? Early off in ESB, right? That one had legs that looked a bit long and awkward to what we are used to seeing, which is the Jedi version (at least I think...) Maybe they just recreated the models for Jedi based on what they already had for ESB, and changed anything they thought wasn't right... Just a thought.
Uncertain as to why they changed design, but the legs were only part of the renovation. The head is quite different too (kenner's AT-ST is based on the TESB version). Perhaps this was meant to be slightly modified for a different "campaign" (like in modern day armour). I think the Jedi version has a lot more personality, so that was the one I went for (though I put it in snow anyways...) The "action figure archives" book shows a pretty cool comparison shot of the two.

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