AT-ST Parts

And for the latest update from Nathan.....drum roll please.





Thanks again Rolando for posting those!

I had to shoot her again for a job resume, so I thought you'd appreciate the progress report. As you can see, I'm almost done with it. "Two or more things, and we're in great shape..."
Still missing are the knee armour bits, the belly dome thing and the "clip" looking thing behind the legs, plus I think some of the airbrushing is a bit over the top. All to be fixed.
I would appreciate any comments out there? Did I miss anything?

Just dipping my toe in here a bit to see if anyone would be interested in a kit of this thing... We're thinking of making up a batch of twelve to sell. Any takers?

I'm totally in!
Hey Rolando - I should be done the TIE Bomber this weekend

So, back to our regularly scheduled thread - yes yes yes, I'd love to get a kit of this.

Pictures???? This whole thread has pictures of Nathans model, he even got that girl from the 70's Show to pose with it

Jason, I can't wait to see your TIE Bomber completed and lit! I hope you're taking a bunch of pics.

When it's all ready to cast, I'll send Rolando some more shots but I hate filling up his server space. And, yes, I have actually captured that 70's Show girl to do the scale comparisons! Anyone interested can contact me or Mikel about the price : or

WOW - Awesome job! That looks amazing! Did you find ALL the parts used on the models or did you have to use something close?

Unfortunately, I had to bust a few freestyles on it, as my watch was ticking rather loudly! And there is still a couple of things missing from the walker in the "fine detail" department. All in all a nice robust blend of ILM and NPLK parts that I found pleasing to the eye. Those big square boxes on the back of the cabin for instance were most likely from some car kit, but due to the expences of a kit that scale, and the simple shape, I opted to scratch build them. Also a few details between them that are of my own conception as I felt the original was a bit bare there (I figure if WWII tanks can have variances than so can Imperial ones).
Thanks for the compliments to you all and Rolando once again for being so damn cool and posting pics. I took a bit of time off of this to work on a 1/1 scale Yoda sculpt which I'll be begging him to post on the other forum! Again, if I get enough interest in this model, casting may indeed become a possibility.


Echoeleader (Rolando) has posted pics of mine a few times in this thread. Did you miss them or are they not uploading? About six posts ago, there were three of them taken in the Hoth snow. One with my girlfriend for scale reference. More work to do on it, but it is so minimal that I'd be wasting server space.

Oh, I'm sorry! I thought the last couple of posts were referring to new pics, not the ones from April. Whoopsie!!

Looks great, btw.
I know that this is an older thread, but I'm hoping somebody can give me a hand. I'm currently working on trying to build a scale ESB AT-ST. I've been able to find a couple of the models used to build it-M5A1, Crocodile, Vader tie, Matilda, 8 Rad, 20mm Flak 51 and 52, M3 Grant, and a 1/12 Ford, but I am still having some trouble identifying some of the parts. Does anyone have any other confirmed kits. I'd like to have it as accurate as possible and hold the scratchbuilding to a minimum.
I've got the flak 20, I'm just having some problems identifying some of the greeblies on the upper leg. I figure that I might just scratch build them. I've calculated the dimensions and I'm now waiting for some styrene to arrive so that I can start building the body. I'll send some pics once I have more to share.
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