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Hi all,

I've changed my moniker back to KAIBURR again (I was "modeleers", and originated this topic).

The round object below the "chin" is baffling the hell out of me. Any ideas out there as to it's familiarity?

Jay, I think perhaps you're refering to the bits beneath the main gun (which I agree probably are tank wheels) but I'm talking about that little dome shape on the underside with the three grooves on it. Any othe takers?

The side parts of the main gun are from the Churchill Crocodile and the inner parts are from a 1/12 scale Ford engine. (Tyrell or Lotus etc...)

Maybe that dome thing is made from a Plastruct dish...

Have you guys seen this????


I can't get any of these photos on this page to open up. Is anyone else having this kind of trouble? As for the walker, she's lookin mighty pretty right now. I'll try and get some photos up as soon as this problem's fixed!

Im not sure if im adding to the "help list" with parts or not,but are'nt there 1/12 Tamiya ferrari 312T4 parts on the smaller go-motion scale?I was looking at the kit I bought and it seems to me that the hose parts were used. Im not sure if any other engine parts were used like the block or anything else,but it sure looks like it-John
Nathan, I'm trying to get my own website going where I can host my archived photos and not have to deal with photo albums any longer. I'm tired of dealing with them.

If you need some particular pics let me know and I'll E-Mail them your way.


I was just curious about your previous "Have you guys seen this?" post. If it pertains to the Scout Walker, I'd love to see it. As far as image hosting goes, would anyone be willing to host or post some "work in progress" shots of my AT-ST head? I could email JPEGs to whoever feels generous. Or perhaps someone knows if AOL has HTML sites to use...

Nathan, the site I was trying to post the picture from no longer exists. Here what I was able to get from the new pcmodeler website though.


1/6 scale! That's a GI Joe figure in there.

Thanks Rolando for posting that.

Pretty damned wicked if you ask me. And HUGE! I saw this model in a catalog for a company called TAP Plastics here in Portland. Apparently that guy is an employee and used mainly acrylic sheet for the model. Certainly an inspiration (though I think the cabin is slightly too small...) to finish this thing! Is ANYONE else out there making this currently, or am I all alone?

Thanks for the compliment John, and Rolando for posting those shots. To be clear, the top picture is the actual studio model and one of the photos I work off of. I am still searching for the race car engine that is on the back of the gyro-body. John, perhaps that Ferrari could be looked at? After I took these pictures, I found the Ford engine part Tim lead me to, so I'll try and have more pictures made with this part intact and (God willing) get them posted!

No worries nathan.....Ive got heaps of stuff to do today,but can easily look through the kit.Im not positive about the parts though.Im not very confident in my part identification....but it does look like the hose parts to that ferrari were used,and perhaps part of the engine block?There are so many models I want to make,Im having trouble just trying to get the 32" Falcon project off the ground.I'd love to make an AT-AT and AT-ST....along with a few others....the Y-wing,B-wing,an A-wing....Maybe an X-wing......looks like there will be lots of urethane castings in the future,cause I'll go broke buying kits.I'll do whatever I can to help,keep up the good work-John
Hey Nathan,Ive been starring at my 1/12 Ferrari kit for a while now..really looking over the engine parts...I need to study pics more closely in my Chronicals book.Its realy hard for me to say,cause I dont wanna give you false info.I'm fairly certain a few of the Ferrari hose parts were used on the At-St....but Im looking at the engine block,other parts associuated with it&the assembly manuel...and its tough for me to say.There are so many other Tamiya kits out there that could have been used.From the diagram it looks like that its possible the fule injection assembly was used(part that the head of At-St sits on)in some fassion.Only thing I know about this particular Tamiya kit is that parts were used for detailing the B-wing..hoses,I think the head,or valve cover was set ontop of the mid-section where engines are....I'm trying to see if anything else was used from this kit on the B-wing...I need better pictures.From the looks of it(I could be wrong) I think some additional engine/transmission parts may have been used on the 32" Falcon along with that pesky 1/8 Entex Porsche transmission.Anyways,I'll keep looking and try to determine for sure if any of these Ferrari parts were used on the AT-ST,till next time-John
Hey Nathan,after looking at the pictures in the Chronicals book,I think I can be pretty sure in saying that nothing else from the 1/12 tamiya Ferrari kit was used.I think something else was used,or maybe ILM fabricated the basic shape and dressed it up with kit parts.From the looks like hatches,or torpeedo/missle doors from a submarine...or an exhaus manifold from another kind of car kit?,I had a dragon kit some time ago and I had to scratch build a ship/vehical of some sort for the class&I used the missle/torpedo hatch covers to decorate the ship I made,along with heaps of other parts,needless to say I dont have the ship anymore,the school kept it for display.As far as the hose parts go,I'm still not sure.ILM could have used anything for the hoses,or perhaps they could have sofened the parts in hot water&re-configured them to their liking...Im not sure,I wish i could be more certain,but like I said,I dont want to give false information.Just those hose parts look too much like the ones used on the smaller go-motion scale AT-ST.I'll keep looking,till next time-John
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