AT-AT diorama - FINISHED PAGE 6!!!

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Wow! Your paint job on those tiny troops are incredible. Just me thinking about trying to paint those makes my eyes hurt.
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Last main bit before I begin putting this thing together. Warning, a bit pic heavy so if I'm clogging the forum do tell me.


^ F-Toys snowspeeder with switches and buttons installed in the cockpit and the airbrake on the right hand side of the model scratch built


^ Luke figure modified, first bit of painting done and a dead Dak :cry


^ Poor Dak. Perhaps it is just concussion.


^ Luke figure with slightly altered pose and snow added by using lightweight spackle and ground marble dust for snow shimmer


^ Broke some windows too :lol




^ This piece has been made on a separate 'island' of snow which will then get blended into the larger scene. I did this so it would be a hell of a lot easier to apply the snow


^ Two other speeders, which will be in flight - suspended with invisible string if it works out okay.


^I even made and painted pilots, although you can barely see them! OCD in full swing :lol


^ aaand the biggest failure, two Taun Tauns with riders, heavily modified. Yep I was pleased with them, but in my infinite wisdom didn't bother to check the scale of the riders who are out of scale with all the soldiers I've done. They are just slightly too large so I won't be using them. Does anyone want them for their own builds?

So, that's me done for the time being. I may post some pics of creating the mountains and stuff soon.

Thanks for viewing!
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Looks great

I was curious if the how the F-toy speeders would look with battle from hoth stuff. From what I understand the F-Toys AT-AT just seems too small for 1/144. I've always thought the figures from Battle of Hoth and the speeders and turrets from the walker kits were a much better match for the size of the walker

I'd love to see a comparison shot of the F-toy speeder compared to the walker kits speeder and to the walkers
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Well, that AT-ATs are around 1/100, and the snowspeeders in that kit are around the same size as the F-toys snowspeeders. The only stuff I'm using from the battle of hoth kit are the figures and the two radar dish guns. The figures are a little small but I'd prefer them that way to be honest. The little figures fit inside the F-toys snowspeeders perfectly, and visually it all holds together well. IMO the snowspeeders you get with the battle of hoth scene are a bit on the small size.
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Great looking pieces!

Have you considered using a bent piece of wire wrapped around the legs of a walker to suspend a speeder in flight, and using the bent wire to simulate a tow cable?
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What a time I've been having with this! I made the base out of polystyrene scraps and chunks of lava rock, but I put the lightweight filler on pretty heavily and the damn stuff wouldn't set! I scraped the whole lot off and started again.


^ Here is the first attempt before the filler went on

I redid the base using layers of 5mm foamboard to get as much of the mountains constructed as I could, and then skimmed the shapes using filler. I experimented with using regular decorating filler and found that it sparkled pretty well, and held a very solid bright white colour. It is also stronger, so I'm using this now. I don't think it would work well for large scale snow, but is quite convincing at this size.


^ I've since started to sand down the filler and make it beautifully smooth, but I'll show these pics when the model is finished which should be in about a week or two from now.


^ I've added the AT-ATs into the scene, glued them on and added snow to them using watered-down lightweight filler. The snow on the walkers was a leap of faith as I was very happy with the paint job and didn't want to ruin it. So far so good though.


^ Snow came out really well :)

I'm now adding people and getting the base finalised. The only thing that I don't like about the diorama is that compositionally the AT-ATs are at one end and there is a lot of space with nothing in it. It looks great from certain angles but not from others. - This is the nature of the beast though. I think once I get the speeders strung up I'll have a more dynamic space. Final push time!
Re: AT-AT diorama WIP

Well I don't know about all you guys . . . but I can hear the accompanying music score!

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