Anyone Know Who Makes These SD Star Wars Kits?


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Anyone here know who makes these kits, or how one goes about finding them?


All the information I could find on them were that they were offered through a Model/Hobby Magazine in Bangkok, nothing more.

I've been told they might be "garage kits" and not licensed by anyone.

So if you can help me out here, I'd be thankful. Been trying to hunt these down for three days now with nothing to show for it.


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That was my initial thought as well. But these seem to have a slightly different look to them than the "Palm Talkers".

I have been looking all over for any information on these kits, but still have yet to find anything about them, but that they are indeed "Garage Kits."

Thanks for the info, and anyone else who might know anything feel free to comment.


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These deforms have been around for years - I believe model shop in the Orient somewhere called PsychoModels did them.

That is about all I know...

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