Any love for The Faculty (1998)?


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I was looking at some of the films in my DVD collection as I was packing it up when I came across my copy of the 1998 Robert Rodriguez film The Faculty. The film was written by Kevin Williamson back during the height of his writing career, and dealt with an alien takeover of a smalltown and a small band of misfit high schoolers being the only ones who could stop it. When I was looking at my copy of the film, I asked myself why there hadn't been a special edition of the film released (especially since it's already past its 10 year anniversary and all other Robert Rodriguez's films have already had special editions done). It even invoked memories of a Faculty fan webpage that had been started shortly after the film was released.

Even after so long, it got me wondering: Is there anyone else here that liked/loved the movie?
Oh, heck yes I did. Some of my favorites in this movie! Selma Hayek, Robert Patrick, and JON STEWART! He had Elijah Wood on the Daily Show some years ago and commented on his character surviving his ordeal with one eye gone and fingers missing. That honestly took him by surprise!
I enjoyed it when it came out.

Never got around to getting the Dvd as I couldnt find it
Oh I apsolutly love that movie. One of my most favorite horror films.

Ive written a few scripts in the past, and ive always felt that The Faculty has always been one of my biggest inspirations.
I'm glad to see, so far, I'm not the only one who loved the film.

Apollo- I don't know if you're in the U.S. or not, but Amazon has both the Dimension Films/Buena Vista Home Video release and apparently a re-release of the film done back in April.

Birdie- What's coming up isn't a remake, it's a prequel that involves the Norwegians that find the Thing, and eventually and inadvertently chase it to Outpost 31.

Shadow- I know how you mean. Seriously, I can't tell how many story ideas I came up that sort of mimic The Faculty. I think my story Trigger still has a bit of The Faculty involved, especially since the last "act" of the story takes place within the hallways of the high school.
Yeah I loved this movie, I used to have a DVD copy of it, but it got cracked at some point while I was moving. I should hit up the local used DVD place and get a new copy since I want to rewatch it now! :)
Funny, I just re-watched this last week. Picked it up as a double-feature DVD from the $5 bin at Walmart. The other disk is Phantoms. "Affleck you the bomb in Phantoms, Yo!"
Still my favorite "horror" movie weapon of all time:

Man, the '90s were a fun time for horror movies.

The '00s... not so much. A few gems here and there... but the bulk of it is either torture porn, bad remakes or poorly done paranormal movies that rely on being too over the top.
Good cast, good music, and I much prefer my alien queens to look like this:

rather than this:

(Also, I doubt Giger's alien queen could pull off such a cute southern drawl.)
Wow, I remember my sister having a copy of this film on VHS from when she went to University, she brought it back on summer and we watched it together, I enjoyed it, and should probably get a copy for myself and re-watch it.
Thanks for the reminder!
I really liked the movie but I didn't get it on DVD yet as it's on TV from time to time.

The Creature at the end of the Film was awesome and designed by Artist Bernie Wrightson...

I really dug the crystal teeth on the Monster - and I dig any film that'll give a Monster that much screen time. I'll watch Dreamcatcher before Cloverfield for that reason. Not because it's better - it just has more Monsterporn.
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