Lord of The Rings: Hunt for Gollum


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Apparently Warner Bros, with Peter Jackson as producer, and Andy Serkis back as Gollum and directing will be giving us a new entry in the Jackson LOTR universe!


From what I gather, it would take place at the same time as the fellowship of the ring, towards the begin, with Aragorn and wood elves tracking Gollum on behalf of Gandalf all the way to Mirkwood and Thranduil, then Gollum's escape.

I'm curious, and hopeful, but aside from Serkis and perhaps Lee Pace as Thranduil, hopefully Ian McKellen, they'll need to recast Aragorn or debate Viggo to a great deal!
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The LOTR movies will be hitting the 25-year mark by the time anything new is released.

Man, that hits like the Star Wars Ep#1 anniversary. Makes me feel old.

They already tried remaking LOTR with that Tolkien-based streaming series. It wasn't a literal remake of LOTR but it was close enough to serve as a test for the business case.
I'm unsure about this. Sure Peter Jackson did great with LOTR. The Hobbit is up for debate, but I don't feel we really got Peter Jackson's true version of The Hobbit. He had so little prep time and then being forced by the studios to pad it out unnecessarily into three movies, who knows how it would've turn out if he could've done it the way he wanted.

I'm no Tolkien connoisseur, but I'm willing to bet that there isn't really much actual 'Tolkien' written about this story (a few sentences written here and there, maybe?). How well is Jackson going to be at doing a whole movie on so little? Other than some of his earlier works, which really weren't that good, pretty much everything else he has done has been based on the works of others. Does he have the capability to flesh this out properly or will this just be another Rings of Power fiasco?
There's plenty of material to draw from, given the proliferation of Tolkienn's writings. How necessary it is to adapt those works into movies or television is really the question when the best of his work has already been committed to film.

Unless they're prepared to give me a play by play on Aragorn's meal plan between the ages of 34 to 35, I'm out. ;)
Is there a legit Tolkien story they are basing this on?

JRRT wrote a lot of 'material' fleshing out the details of his universe. But that isn't the same thing as a story. You can find tons of Star Wars material on Wikipedia.
Is there a legit Tolkien story they are basing this on?
I heard there apparently is. From what I've heard it's basically based one a single paragraph in the the books, but was cut because it served no real purpose. Not sure how true it is. But if it is, technically, they could say it's based on Tolkien's work.
There's just simply not enough source material to draw from here. Peter Jackson did a great job adapting the books however I don't believe he, or anyone else for that matter, could create a story that could seamlessly weave into Middle-Earth. Tolkien cannot be replicated.
Posted by reddit user ChaosRobie:

"All of this comes from the chapter The Council of Elrond. Everyone at the council is taking turns telling what they know.
‘From the first my heart misgave me, against all reason that I knew,’ said Gandalf, ‘and I desired to know how this thing came to Gollum, and how long he had possessed it. So I set a watch for him, guessing that he would ere long come forth from his darkness to seek for his treasure. He came, but he escaped and was not found. And then alas! I let the matter rest, watching and waiting only, as we have too often done.
Time passed with many cares, until my doubts were awakened again to sudden fear. Whence came the hobbit's ring? What, if my fear was true, should be done with it? Those things I must decide. But I spoke yet of my dread to none, knowing the peril of an untimely whisper, if it went astray. In all the long wars with the Dark Tower treason has ever been our greatest foe.
That was seventeen years ago. Soon I became aware that spies of many sorts, even beasts and birds, were gathered round the Shire, and my fear grew. I called for the help of the Dúnedain, and their watch was doubled: and I opened my heart to Aragorn, the heir of Isildur.’
‘And I,’ said Aragorn, ‘counselled that we should hunt for Gollum, too late though it may seem. And since it seemed fit that Isildur's heir should labour to repair Isildur's fault, I went with Gandalf on the long and hopeless search.’
Then Gandalf told how they had explored the whole length of Wilderland, down even to the Mountains of Shadow and the fences of Mordor. There we had rumour of him, and we guess that he dwelt there long in the dark hills; but we never found him. and at last I despaired.
Then Gandalf turns aside and goes to Gondor. Aragorn continues the hunt by himself. In Gondor, Gandalf finds Isildur's scroll detailing the ring and then he leaves.
‘At once I took my leave of Denethor, but even as I went northwards, messages came to me out of Lórien that Aragorn had passed that way, and that he had found the creature called Gollum. Therefore I went first to meet him and hear his tale. Into what deadly perils he had gone alone I dared not guess.’
‘There is little need to tell of them,’ said Aragorn. ‘If a man must needs walk in sight of the Black Gate, or tread the deadly flowers of Morgul Vale, then perils he will have. I, too, despaired at last, and I began my homeward journey. And then, by fortune, I came suddenly on what I sought: the marks of soft feet beside a muddy pool. But now the trail was fresh and swift, and it led not to Mordor but away. Along the skirts of the Dead Marshes I followed it, and then I had him. Lurking by a stagnant mere, peering in the water as the dark eve fell, I caught him, Gollum. He was covered with green slime. He will never love me. I fear; for he bit me, and I was not gentle. Nothing more did I ever get from his mouth than the marks of his teeth. I deemed it the worst part of all my journey, the road back, watching him day and night, making him walk before me with a halter on his neck, gagged, until he was tamed by lack of drink and food, driving him ever towards Mirkwood. I brought him there at last and gave him to the Elves, for we had agreed that this should be done; and I was glad to be rid of his company, for he stank. For my part I hope never to look upon him again: but Gandalf came and endured long speech with him.’
Gandalf then talks a little about his interrogation of Gollum and what he learns. Oh and then Legolas pipes up and says Gollum has escaped. And that's it."

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