Question: Is there any "behind the scenes" footage from Disney's The Black Hole?


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I was fortunate back in the day to see the life size Maximillian and V.I.N.CENT robot props at the Disney-MGM Studios in Florida. Enjoyed the film back in 1979 (at the time, I don't believe I know there was another Star Wars film in production). I just picked up the Super-7 Black Hole robot figures (which are amazing, as are the larger Diamond Select versions).

Gets me nostalgic for a "better" time (?) at the movies. But try as I might, there is SCANT behind the scenes photos and/or film footage from the making of the movie. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Here's a clip of Harrison Ellenshaw DESCRIBING what they did, mixed with film footage. But what I can't seem to find are behind the scenes footage from the film, and there are scarce few photos.



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A few months ago I watched the whole making of documentary on YouTube.

There are several reviews and documentaries RE: The Black Hole on YouTube, but I have yet to see any with behind the scene footage or outtakes. Most just use film clips or stills from the film itself :(

Just before the theatrical release of The Black Hole, Disney released Major Effects, a television special starring Josepth Bottoms (Lt. Charles Pizer) to help promote the film's releases. But it only has two BRIEF segments on the film, and only movie footage ( no behind the scenes).

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