Another Bash At A Pred Mask Sculpt.

Ok got some more done this after noon not much but getting some shades on now im going to change the top a little these where 
just base coats on it.  Hope you like.




Cheers brian im using lighter fluid to thin it down with i find it easyer than using toluene not so smelly.  Dont know if you notice
the small orange syringe in the first pic.  But this is a great tool to have when using small amounts of psycho paint A and B
you find these in baby cal-pal and they are great for this type of thing.   
Good info Gareth, thanks.  What are you using for pigment?  Seems to me like there is allot of mixing involved with the process, something I do not enjoy doing lol.  Keep it up buddy, you're almost done!

That is stellar, the paint truly brings out a lot of the detail you put into it. if you don't mind me asking. What method of casting did you use for the silicone? Thanks

Cheers all im hoping to get this pretty much done tomorrow backbone i poured the silicone up high so it drags the air bubbles out then 
with paint brushes i just spread it around as slosh casting is not recommended with silicone as its thick.
did the front mould first then the rear once these are set i joined the both of them back up used a ratchet strap to clamp them both together
then did another batch of silicone to join the seem lines up with a long paint brush. 
Thank you for sharing that, it helps alot.

I can still go back and admire to amount of detail you put into the sculpt. The paint up also fits it nicely so far.

Ok another little update i was going to do a elder paint up but then that changed decided to do my own thing so heres a few more pics 
a little more then im saying this is finished.






All the spikes on it makes me think heavy metal predator. Now you need some spiked heavy metal shoulder guards! hahaha jk. The paint up is lookin' killer. The colors flow nicely. Much better than your first attempt. Great Job!

The Road Warriors(1).jpg
Ok i have finished up painting this head i might change the crown pattern as im not happy with it.  Just ordered latex to start on main
dreads.  O and a shout out to kendra for my eyes many thanks again.



Nice work there Mr G!!!  I have to say, he looks a little startled in that last pic lol.  I've been thinking about picking up a pair of city hunter eyes from Kendra... is that what those are?  Also, how's the stretch on this guy?

Cheers bri yeah he does in that pic lol.  Yep they are city hunter eyes from kendra.  Still haven't tried it on yet going to do that when
dreads are finished. 
Great work! I'm just amazed at all the detail and how much clay you've used for something that's getting covered in silicone. Admittedly I don't know the whole process! Anyway, what are you using for dreads? I'm making a cheap suit for halloween and certainly ain't going to the expenses you are!
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