Another Bash At A Pred Mask Sculpt.

All the detail is like a party for my eyes!  This keeps getting better and better.  I can't begin to imagine what else you you need to do with more clay to make this any better!  Thanks for the update!

Shazam!!! That's looking great, never let anything get you down. Youll end up coming back stronger and its proof with this masterpiece.
Looks like you've learned a lot since you're last sculpt! IMO this looks a lot better than your other one. Tons of eye candy. Keep up the good work! BTW how much clay have you used on this?
Cheers all for the great feedback im not sure how much i have used in clay but i do need more for the back and neck area also i need 
some for mould walls as i threw all the air drying clay i had in the bin after it all fell apart.  again cheers guys
Ok im back had a gd break off the sculpt last 2 weeks i have been getting on with this.  needs a little more sculpting then im calling it done
and ready to mould up again.
Heres a few pics for ya all.

What more can be said than hasn't already been said?  I're KILLING me with the detail on this Gareth.  I mean even the back of the head which will hardly be seen.  Talk about above and beyond, this thing is so much fun to just look at.  Every time I do I see stuff I missed the first time.  Are you doing this in silicone?

Thank you bri yeah going to do silicone and keep updating with the paint up on it.  I cant do any detailing on the front of the
neck just yet as i need to move this to the shed.  And thats where i hold it to move about it weighs a ton lol.
 Im awaiting my birthday which is just around the corner
for my work bench cant wait to have a work area and be setup properly.
thank you I am very determined to get a good mould this time made007 im sick of seeing scales in my sleep lol i did a pic of part of it but that is all running around the back of the head to.  Will keep you all posted. 
Ok thought i would update this now i managed to get a silicone pull out of this unfortunately my mould got destroyed in the process
so got a 1 of 1 piece  only a little gutted but least i got something out of it this time got newspaper stuffed in there at the moment so shape
looks a little odd heres a few snaps of it.






I couldnt get the mouth out it was proper stuck in there i also had a very small crack running right across the face and that also spilt
when de moulding this.  A little gutted but hey **** happens.
Congrats on a successful pull Gareth.  Sorry to hear that your mold didn't make it, but at least you got one.  I'm looking forward to seeing this painted.  Got a scheme in mind yet?

thank you Brian Im leaning to a elder color scheme i got some base coats on today not really alot of progress today im using 
psycho paint from smooth on and pigments i will post some pics up here tomorrow once i get some more done.
many thanks Atom. 
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